Absolute Zero


1. He was deadly

Lying on fermented soil in an old farmer’s field, the man stood with stature, staring at the freshly deceased corpse.Not one sign of guilt on his face. The smell was intolerant; the sight even worse. The man stepped away from the body, released the magazine from the custom-made silver desert eagle, and took out a silk cloth. The embroidered type that one would hope to buy at a nineteen-fifties antique shop or an old car boot sale on a wet Sunday afternoon. The man carefully wrapped the gun in the cloth before replacing it back into his backpack. His hands were shaking to the extent that he could not remove his black leather gloves that he had once removed with such ease.  He then slowly dropped his head, and almost to his surprise, his off-white shirt had been smothered in a deep red satin pigment.

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