The ring of distillation.

My story for the love competition :) <3 x

Roxanne and her best friend Georgia is faced with a criminal gang who want something Roxanne lost long ago. They both fall for the one they love and have make quick choices within their days to insure that their lives are safe. Roxanne's love is handsome and easy to fall for, what with those glimmering blue eyes and perfectly groomed blonde hair, but why does something in her head tell her to walk away and will her choices cause chios in her life?

A mixture of love, action, reality and choices!


11. Old games.

“So, what you doing?” Adam asks.

“Just, just business.” I reply, twisting my ring around my finger, knowing he will find out as he will probably follow me.

“You’re selling the ring?” he guesses.

“No,” I lie before he looks me in the eye and returns back to the road, “yes, I don’t want any more danger at my door, and I don’t want to see you guys get hurt, if it is with someone else then I don’t have to worry about it, you could send some kind of message to say I haven’t got it anymore, cant you?”

“They won’t believe you Roxanne; they will just think your saying that to get them off your back!”

“But you can try, for me?” He glances at me twice, the second longer than the first and nods gently.

Arriving at the town’s centre, I lead Adam to a jewellery shop with the ring still safely on my engagement finger.  We walk closely together, hand in hand but ready for any danger that may be close by!

“Hello, can I help you today?” a smiley woman asks.

“Yes, I want to find out how much I would get for this?” I pull the ring off my finger as the woman’s eyes grow wide.

“Just give me a moment.” She says without taking her eyes off my ring.

Adam looks at the other rings occasionally showing me one that he likes and I watch the woman as she excitedly tells a man about the ring I have. He begins to walk over to me as the woman watches from behind the till with her eager eyes.

“May I have a look at the ring?” The man politely requests as he takes it out of my hand.

Adam then feels around in his pockets as his phone starts to rings. He walks out the shop while mumbling some words which I don’t really catch. I become worried as another scared look crosses his face; he walks back into the shop and stands by my side once more.

“We need to go Roxanne; can we sell the ring another time?”

“But you might not get the same price another day as you would today!” The man stresses.

“I'm sure whatever the price; it would be a big value, today, tomorrow or 5 years from now!” Adam sarcastically answers.

He then grabs my hand and the ring and pulls me out of the shop as quickly as he can.

“It’s Arden, he’s got Georgia and wants the ring in return, we need to get back.”

I sigh heavily, “not again!”  

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