The ring of distillation.

My story for the love competition :) <3 x

Roxanne and her best friend Georgia is faced with a criminal gang who want something Roxanne lost long ago. They both fall for the one they love and have make quick choices within their days to insure that their lives are safe. Roxanne's love is handsome and easy to fall for, what with those glimmering blue eyes and perfectly groomed blonde hair, but why does something in her head tell her to walk away and will her choices cause chios in her life?

A mixture of love, action, reality and choices!


5. Old enimies.

The car remains silent while Adam drove along some more unknown roads to the street race. He didn't plan to enter himself but to enter one of his gang members who could still win but not known to be involved with Adam and not in trouble with Daniel.

We arrived. Big dusty roads led into dark woods and people crowd all around to see the cars and their unique styles. A green and blue Subaru, white BMWs and a red Lamborghini.

A muscle built man steps forward out of the crowd, to see the shiny BMW pull into the derelict roads.

“I don't believe it.” The man gasps as Adam steps out of the car.

“Roxanne, when the crowds are gone hide somewhere safe. Stay away from here!” He instructs me before shutting the car door. I could briefly see outside, but what I can see is the reason why Adam told me go.

Adam turns around to a man walking towards him. His hair as bright as fire, trying to be the one that stands out; his eyes hazel, which has a cold and threatening feel to them; an open shirt showing his muscles and the strong power that he possess and a cigarette handing out of his mouth. He moves closer to Adam, making him feel intimidated, he smiles and punches him so hard that Adam immediately falls to the floor, blood streaming from his face. The man kicks Adam a couple of times for good measure before I got out of the car, reactively, and shout. “Stop!”

The man drops the cigarette from his mouth and stamps it into the ground next to where Adam lies in excruciating pain.

“Why Adam, you brought a little friend!”

“Leave her alone Daniel! Leave her out of this!” Adam faintly articulates.

I become scared, I now knew this monster is Daniel, the man Adam is so scared of and I can see why. Daniel moves closer to me and Adam manages to stand up to watch what Daniel is doing. Daniel touches my cheek with his hand and smiles a daunting smile. He pushes my face sideward and looks down at me in disgust; he moves his hand closer to my head when Adam distracts him in any way possible.

“Daniel, don't hurt her!”

“Why, Adam, why shouldn’t I ruin another one of your relationships? Why should I let you have this beautiful, elegant young lady?” Adam face obtains a worried look and I answer for him.

“Because I won’t let you.” I bravely point out.

Daniel smiles, “I don't need your permission. You are a woman; you listen to me just like your little friend Adam!”

I then become afraid. For my life and For Adam.

“Race me Adam, for your car, the ring and for your girl.” Daniel confidently suggests while walking back over to Adam, who is leaning onto his car bonnet.

“No way, not for Roxanne!” Adam shouts. I look at him sharply, as a strong smile stretches across my face; he has just declared his love and tried to protect me from danger. I go back to my serious face as Adam glances at me quickly in embarrassment.

“He’ll do it, and if he doesn’t, I will.” I blurt out knowing I should just be silent and that I have dropped Adam into it again.

A roar of laughter is thrown from the crowed which is lead by Daniel and halted by him when he found me less amusing.

“You can’t race! If Adam doesn’t, I win and take everything anyway!” Daniel held smugly.

“Fine, I’ll have to do it,” Adam agrees with a sigh.

Daniel walks off with all his followers, steps into his car, which of course has to be the red Lamborghini, “why couldn't you just stayed in the car?” Adam blames “why couldn’t you just listen to me?”

“I thought you were hurt, I didn't want him to kill you! I believe in love at first sight now and I love you Adam.” I smile in confidence.

Adam looks at me in blankness before he turns his back and gets into his car, driving off leaving me behind.

My heart feels like its stop beating, tears roll down my cheeks. Why did he drive off? Why didn't he say anything? Why did I have to get out of the car? Why did I have to meet him and fall so deeply in love with him? A hand grips my shoulder and pulls me towards a gang, I become worried and start to back away.

“It’s fine, were Adam’s gang. You need to come with us though, you’re not safe here!” a man states. I follow the gang as they stand with a microphone and an ear piece on a stretch of grass away from the crowd of fans. I sit down on the grass and one of the men tells me that the microphone and ear piece links to Adam’s car. He can hear us and we can hear him.

The race starts, Adam and Daniel both hustle off and then the field becomes silent for the first time since I have been here. I pull a handful of grass off the ground and drop it on the floor and repeat it obliviously. 

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