The ring of distillation.

My story for the love competition :) <3 x

Roxanne and her best friend Georgia is faced with a criminal gang who want something Roxanne lost long ago. They both fall for the one they love and have make quick choices within their days to insure that their lives are safe. Roxanne's love is handsome and easy to fall for, what with those glimmering blue eyes and perfectly groomed blonde hair, but why does something in her head tell her to walk away and will her choices cause chios in her life?

A mixture of love, action, reality and choices!


2. Love at first sight.

The next day I head into town. I decide to take my mind of all that has happened by treating myself to a new outfit from London’s new shop, GLAM. I text Georgia while on my way, asking if she is ok today, however she did not answer although she always did, it is like she is addicted to texting. It is clear she is ignoring me! I became angry, how was I to know Arden was going to do what he did? Surely it is more her fault for not getting to know him more and for inviting him into my home without asking me first!

I pick up a midnight blue silk dress; it has short sleeves and is short in length. There are black flowers almost growing from the bottom. It is puffy in the skirt but tight on the top. I pick some silk high heel shoes to match the colour of my dress and some jewellery too.

I resume walking around town with my new clothes. I try to cross the road to catch the nineteen bus to the street behind rosebud road. I look both ways of the road making sure no cars are coming my way; it is clear so I then begin to cross. As I reach the middle of the road a shiny black BMW comes screeching around the corner and speeds down the road as if it is about to hit me. I suddenly drop my bags, causing an explosion of clothes to spread everywhere; I cover my eyes with my hands in panic and hope that I will live.

The car stops with another loud screech just before me, and a man steps out to see if I am ok. I immediately fall in love. He’s got dark blond hair that is done to perfection: his eyes like the light blue sea, glistening in the summer sun and a face that, instead of saying ‘do as I say and you won’t get hurt’ like Arden’s eyes did, his face says ‘stay with me and I’ll keep you safe, forever’. (Even though he did just nearly run me over.)

“Are you ok?” he speaks, his voice deep and soothing after my major scare.

“Yeah, I think so.” I reply, whilst looking down at my clothes that lay ruin and brown on the wet floor.

He looks down at my clothes too, “were they important?”

I shook my head as I knew they weren't important as he is.

“Well, look to make it up to you, how about I take you to those shops to get your clothes, I’ll buy of course?” He offers.

I want to say yes but I know it goes against everything I was taught and everything I know, how could I just walk away with a stranger? Plus the last nineteen bus is on its way.

“I can’t the bus and it wouldn’t be fair.” I spoke, without trying to seem rude. 

“No its fine, and I can take you back to your place after, please...” He comments. I begin to wonder why he desperately wants to take me shopping then take me home afterwards; maybe he just wants to be polite but without a second thought I gently nod as he smiles and sprints to open his car door for me. I smile back and walk towards the BMW’s door before entering the blue and black inside: it is all black apart for the lights which are an electric blue. The man enters the car beside me and starts the engine once more.

“My name is Adam by the way,” he states before speeding off into the night, “what did you say your name is?”

“O, I didn’t, but it’s Roxanne.” I respond cheerfully.

A look spreads across his face, like a smile that meant something to him but nothing to me.

“That’s a nice name.” He articulates.

We come to GLAM where I originally brought my clothes from and Adam re-buys them again. By this time I have forgotten about the world, Georgia and Arden. I have also forgotten about ‘the apple’ moreover I could not care where he is and what he is doing, I felt safe with Adam.

Once I have re-brought my clothes I offer Adam dinner back at my house, it is the least I could do and plus the fact I loved him too much to call it a day. He agrees and we drive back to my flat. When we get in we talk and laugh for a while, sharing details about each other. An hour passes and we have run out of things to say. Then stupidly, I told him everything about Arden; what he did and what happened after.

He looks up at me in shock, “I heard about that, I'm glad you’re ok now though, stupid man for hurting someone as special as you!”  He gave a reinsuring smile in trade for my story, “Roxanne do you believe in love at first sight?” I look at him in confusion as he takes my hand and holds them in his; they were warm and soft like a rose petal, lying innocently in my hands and then, unexpectedly, he kisses me on my lips, I couldn’t move, didn’t want to move, I love him so much and now I know, he feels the same! I smile and my cheeks fill with a faint red colour.

Five minutes pass and he persuades me to let him get a takeaway and that I stay in my flat where it is warm. When he leaves I become unsafe again. I turn on my laptop thinking about Adam’s random behaviour and how he just suddenly turns up into my life but how brilliant it is that he has turned my world upside down. I open up Google on my laptop and type in ‘the apple’ hoping to find something that will help me lead me to him. I press enter and something came up that astonishes me. Along with several pictures of apples, a website appears at the bottom. ‘The apple- Adam’s apple’ and I then realise what has just happened!  

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