The ring of distillation.

My story for the love competition :) <3 x

Roxanne and her best friend Georgia is faced with a criminal gang who want something Roxanne lost long ago. They both fall for the one they love and have make quick choices within their days to insure that their lives are safe. Roxanne's love is handsome and easy to fall for, what with those glimmering blue eyes and perfectly groomed blonde hair, but why does something in her head tell her to walk away and will her choices cause chios in her life?

A mixture of love, action, reality and choices!


4. Facing the facts.

Although throwing me around a lot, he knows he can’t hurt me: We are too close. After positioning me into his car we drive for about an hour, driving along a never ending motorway. A motorway that I have never seen before in addition to not knowing where it leads too, frightful at the ending consequence. Most importantly, I am in a car; with a man I have only just met, who is extremely perilous and who is looking for a ring I have lost a long time ago.

As cars pass swiftly, my eyes begin to feel heavy; I fall asleep, dreaming of the man I once knew but knowing inside that the man is wearing a mask and he is nothing but a dangerous criminal who wants one thing, and it is not me!

I awaken to find us in a countryside that is new to me and far away from home! We stop at a petrol station in the middle of nowhere; Adam goes in the shop to buy some snacks for himself, while leaving me in the car, locked in and abandoned. Adam would occasionally look over to make sure I am not escaping but resumes his conversation with the cashier when he realises I can’t go anywhere anyway. I stop silent for a moment and think. Think hard. I think about where the ring is as I know Adam will try to bully it out of me anyway. I think back to last time I had the ring; it was, 2 years ago!                                                


I was 21 years old and it was my birthday. Everyone was happily gathering in a hall situated in London. Everything began so great, shame the ending didn't turn out so good. As the night was drawing to an end everyone started to retreat home after a night of fun and excitement. I stopped to turn and face my mother, ready to exchange a smile and ‘thank you’ for the amazing night that she made happen, but as I turned my happiness turned to sorrow. My mum had collapse. A heart attack had caught her and there was nothing more the doctors and nurses could do. She died that night. My father had died when I was young and now my mother was gone too, I was alone and still am. That night I had the ring, twisting it back and forwards on my finger as I thought about what I could of done to save my own mother, but like the redness on my finger from my ring, it happened by accident. That week went from bad to worst. I took the ring off my finger from preventing it from getting any redder and placed it on my bedside table. That night I slept so heavily, I didn't hear the thief that came in my flat, took my ring and left without any notice. All there was was a half open door and my belongings scattered all over my flat as if someone knew it was in here but didn't know where.                                                 


Adam returns back. His face red with anger and fists tightly clench. He jumps in the car, slams the door and drives madly off.

“He’s back!”

“Who’s back,” I question worriedly, “Adam what's wrong.”

I reach out for his hand that is clutched onto the steering wheel and he slowly lets go with one hand. He pulls over onto the slip road and calms himself down. I have not seen so much anger and panic in one man’s face, especially not Adam’s! I always think that if a man is feeling strong emotions of sadness or fear or anger, then it is quite serious as they are suppose to be the strongest out of female and male, so naturally I am quite frightened!

“Daniel. Daniel smith. He isn’t a nice man Roxanne, and he’s back here.”

“Adam,” I call, slowly bringing his face round to mine, “what did he do?”

“He ruined my life, me and everything I had. He can’t control himself. You think I am scary, you haven’t met Daniel!”

I tried to reinsure him, “it can’t be...”

“That bad?” Adam interrupts, “he’s killed 18 people, he likes intimidating me, he’s promised the next time he sees me he will kill me and worst of all, he’s got power, too much power!”

“You don't have to meet him though; you’re looking for a ring and I know what has happened to it!” I announce

“It’s the prize in the street racing competition. Winner takes car and the ring. The thing is, I could win, easily, but not against Daniel.”

“Adam, you have to try! Why do you want the ring anyway? It’s just a worthless piece of junk!”

“You’ve never had it valued have you?”

“No, I have never really thought about it, it was, someone’s, someone gave it to me when I was younger.”

“Roxanne, that ring is worth millions, a ring so lost and precious that so many gangs have failed to retrieve it but still try. Your father died to keep the ring for you, so you have money for when you’re older, surly you knew that?” I shook my head faintly and Adam sighs.

I turn my head to the window next to me and stare out into the green fields but in the corner of my eye I can see Adam watching me. He touches my cheek as I turn back towards him; he leans in front of me as my heart beats rapidly. His kiss burns but feels like it did before I knew his real identity; I couldn’t believe the man I love is still a murderer and decidedly dangerous. He moves away and looks out of the window as I touch my lips with my fingers as if I didn’t want the kiss to disappear. “I guess... guess it is the only way.” Adam declares.  

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