The ring of distillation.

My story for the love competition :) <3 x

Roxanne and her best friend Georgia is faced with a criminal gang who want something Roxanne lost long ago. They both fall for the one they love and have make quick choices within their days to insure that their lives are safe. Roxanne's love is handsome and easy to fall for, what with those glimmering blue eyes and perfectly groomed blonde hair, but why does something in her head tell her to walk away and will her choices cause chios in her life?

A mixture of love, action, reality and choices!


3. Blind love.

I turn to find Adam standing there, gun pointing straight at me. How dim-witted could I have been?

“You’re the apple?” I say stupidly but still feeling scared inside.

“O, well done Roxanne!” he says sarcastically, his voice changed to a harsh tone, “I want the ring!” He says coming down to my level on the floor but not completely sitting down and not letting go of the gun which is uncomfortably positioned towards my head.

He then stands up making himself seem bigger again and looks down his nose at me. Suddenly I begin to wonder whether I feel more fear than love towards him. I thought Arden was scary, Adam is terrifying and intimidating!

“But I don’t understand, I thought...”

“I was an average person, well you’re wrong, don’t you watch the news?” I think back to when I was watching the news yesterday morning; I bite my bottom lip while staring into Adam’s cold grey eyes...


 “It has been reported that a highly dangerous man has escaped from a prison van that was transporting him to the crown courts. He has been a wanted man for years for crimes such as; murder, theft, kidnap and taking part in numerous dangerous street races which has caused several deaths over the past 3 years! The general public have been told very little detail about the man regarding his name, age and where he comes from to protect gangs from planning his escape or interfering with his punishments but the public have been warned not to follow any strangers and not to go out at night unless it is necessary!”


“Where is it, the ring?” Adam says while drawing me away from my trance.  

I rapidly shake my head side to side as I don’t know where the ring is.

“So if you don't know where the ring is, then I’ve got no choice but to...” he starts as I look up in even more fear, “Pack your stuff, were going on a little trip Roxanne!” Adam orders, as I am suddenly startled by his demand.

“I can’t I mean, I have to stay here!” I respond quickly.

“I'm not asking Roxanne, I'm telling you!” he then grabs my arm and pulls me to my room: he looks around and draws my black suitcase out from the side of the wardrobe and throws it on the bed, expecting me to pack straight away and I did...

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