The wierd book of a lost girl

Karma Nathelia has gone missing. Thrown in a lake inspector Alex finds her "diary" And reads it threw. The diary leads him to the most exiting case he has ever known....


2. ~Thursday~

Uhm hello again. Today is Thursday as you probably know from last page. Or youre a book so you can't realy...OMG forget it this is just stupid let me try again. Why am i writing with a pen?! I can't erase now. Why did i just write that? Whay did i just write: why did i STOP!!! Trying again:

Hello again. Today is Thursday, a realy boring day. I decided to have a chat with the kunch lady at lunch simply to see if the mole under her hairnet really is a mole or some meat from the menu. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Hey hair net"

LunchLady: "I have a name."

M: "Realy what is it?"

LL:"Gertrude. What do you want?"

M:"I want to know what that thing on your face is."

LL: "It's a mole now get out or i will call your psykiatrist!"

M: "How do you know about that? It's supposed to be confidential!" Total anger filled me up to the top. This ment war.

LL: "The principal told all personel. Now get out."

M: "Happy to, Hair net!"

After that i stormed to the principal demanding an explanation for his betrayel. He had promised me to keep it secret because of the outcast bit i told you about yesterday. I stormed up there. The front desk lady starred at me protesting but i just walked past her. Then i started yelling at the principal:

M: "You said you where going to keep it private!!!"

P: "I don't know what your talking about." Trying to be nonchalant but it was realy an epic fail. 

M: "You told all personel!!"

He sighed deeply. "Yes i apoligize..."

M: "Screw you!" I shouted and stormed off.

After that i wandered about in the woods and i town walking by countless fields until i reached back to school and found my bike then i went home. My raven had gotten out of its cage and was flying about. It took me half an hour to get her back in her cage and feed her and give her water. Now i'm writing in you again. As you can see...Or read. My life is not getting any better. I have seriosly no idea what i am about to do but it wont be good i can feel it....

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