The wierd book of a lost girl

Karma Nathelia has gone missing. Thrown in a lake inspector Alex finds her "diary" And reads it threw. The diary leads him to the most exiting case he has ever known....


1. ~Lame start~

Well uhm...Hi? This is the first page of this wierd little book. Uhm. You don't know me. But i do know you. You are the book i bought just now...Wow this sounds lame. Anyway...I'm Karma Nathelia, I am the number one social outcast of my school. I have no freinds what so ever i am wierd and goth. I don't know what to do with my life. I have no idea if life is worth living. My pshykiatrist told me to write to you. Who ever you are. I live alone with my raven. I go to highschool. I'm seventeen. 

I have white hair.(That just adds to being an outcast) And bigger eyes than normal. Thay call me manga freak. And "they" Are everyone i know. I drive a motorcykel.

Well let me start by telling you about my day. Today is Wedensday. Witch sucks because we have gym...Anyway i went to school and went threw the classes by gym i decided to ditch to my pshykiatrist This is sort of the conversation:

"Karma? Shoulden't you be in school?"

"No i ditched."

"Aha. What do you think made you do that?" She wrote down in a little notepad with my name on it. Maybe thats her diary on me ;D

"Because i hate gym. What are you writing?"

"Why do you hate gym?" (Clearly avoiding the question.)

"Why are you avoiding the question?"

"Thats not the issue." 

"Why not?" I was being rude i know. But the school set me up for this and i realy don't want to. Nothing is wrong with  me i'm just different.

"You know what our time is up. But you know what you should get yourself a diary!" I poitnted atthe clock. 

"We just started!" I contridicted.

"Just go!"

After that i left and went to the super market. The cash register guy starred at me with eyes like i was an alien. Just for the heck of it i asked if he had some Ectomagnetic plasma. He freaked out clearly as stupid as he looks. I laughed and left with you. I don't even know why i'm writing to you.  Usually i never listen to my pshykiatrist. 

So far it has taken me the rest of the day to figure out how to write this first page. Now it's eleven PM and i'm dying of boredom so i'm going today. So well...Goodbye??



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