The wierd book of a lost girl

Karma Nathelia has gone missing. Thrown in a lake inspector Alex finds her "diary" And reads it threw. The diary leads him to the most exiting case he has ever known....


3. ~Alex~

The firplace was burning nicely as Alex was reading a book he had found from a girl missing. He was sitting in a red lounge chair with his feet up. On a small table next to him there was a cup of tea and a lamp. His has was Smoothe black and his eyes green.

Alex put the book down resting on his lap. After just reading two pages he already felt that this girl. This wierd Karma gone missing was special. He already had pity for her. He felt the back of the book and stated that it was still wet. He had found it in the lake close to his house. He was suspended from work because he found out the outrages truth about his boss. That he had murdered but whom he was unsure of. 

"Mr. Alex there is a woman here to see you she says she is from you work her name is Mrs. Caitlyn?" Alex's maid Tati said. He sighed deeply. This was the one who belived him threw his hole investigation. Maybe if he showed her this diary she could help him out find this missing girl. He waved his hand in the air. "Let her in." Tati walked away towards the door and seconds after Caitlyn was standing be his side looking at the book. 

Herhair was light blond with touches of brown and her eyes where blue. She was tall and held her postiure nicely. Alex gestured to the chair next to him. The same as his own. "Have a seat." She nodded and took the book. "May i?" Alex nodded. She sat down faceing him. She read the first two pages. "Alex what have you found?" He smiled. " A girl called Karma Nathelia has gone missing. I found her "diary" in the old lake." Caitlyn laughed.

"I can't belive you! You're suspended and you're still working! Well at least you're getting something done. AT work because of what you found out. Fisher (big boss) is being super carefull about every case we take. We are not alowed to speak about the case you acused him  of and nobody is getting any real work done because he is chacking every single file for information about his crime. The worst part is i'm the only who is noticing all of this!"

Alex shook his head. He coulden't belive his ears. But of course Caitlyn was always the obbservant one. Never did she let deatil slip her trained eyes. "I'm not suprised. Everyone else is most likely takeing it as if people have jus stopped commiting crimes." She nodded in agreement. "Thats exactly what they think. But what about this girl Karma? Any ideas.?" Alex took the book back.

"I was hopeing you could manage to get any files on her from Fisher? Snoop around there. I can't step one foot in there or security will take me away because of Fishers strickt orders." Caitlyn nodded while thinking. "I might be able to but i have to be sneaky. You might have to help me. If i bug the camaraes  to your computer you can warn me if Fisher is comeing." She said hopefully.

"My oh my Caitlyn look at you. Infultraiting your own work! What have you become?! But yes we will bug the bug tomorrow." Alex replied. Caitlyn took the book and began reading page three aloud. 

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