The wierd book of a lost girl

Karma Nathelia has gone missing. Thrown in a lake inspector Alex finds her "diary" And reads it threw. The diary leads him to the most exiting case he has ever known....


5. ~A hidden crush~

SOMEBODY WROTE TO ME!!!!! I can't belive it!! It's from some guy called Mason! I don't know what this person wants but he actually wrote to me!! Okay so i clicked on the mail and gues what it said!!!! Oh wait you can't.... -.-'

Anyway it said:

Dearist Karma,

I have been watching you for these past few days and i have realized that i absolutely love you!!!

I can't hold my love anymore. 

Please get a Facebook account so i can chat to you and show my affection without haveing to use these dreadfully slow emails?

I don't know how you feel about me but i hope you return my love!!



Can you belive it?! Somebody loves me. ME!!! O.O  It's way to good to be true but i can't blow this off can i. Should i ignore the only person who has ever shown me love? Or check out this unique person? Get back to you when i  decide.

So ive done some thinking and i have decided that makeing Facebook and checking out who ever this person is. Can't hurt. Take it slowly get to know him and se who he is!!

My facebook account is going to be called....Well how about Bad Karma?? I do seem to be unllucky sometimes so maybe it would fit perfectly. 

Am i takeing this to fast??


I don't know why i'm just not in the mood for writing. But i'll write more tomorrow.



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