Forbidden Love

Jess and Lew are tohgether they have been going out since last september 2 months, things are going bad though. Jess's dad's getting between Jess and Lew real fast and soon they wont see eachother anymore if they don't do something quick!
A Story By Nicole <3


4. How To Tell Lew & Lauren

I still laid on my bed, not a movement in my body. Thinking, how was i going to break it to them, they'd never do anything like this to me i thought. Would they?

I didn't understand why my dad had to do this. It's like he has an evil streak. An evil streak where i was only alowed to go out with boys he liked, and knowing my dad they would be ones who were goody two shoes, always brought in homework and getting A's here and A*'s there. NERD'S! I don't like that type though. I like the type who care, but arent good, thiere modeatley good, moderatley bad 50, 50 really.

i got a text from Lew

You still coming to the firework display tonight?xxx

I quickly replied

Yeaa, hopefully. Depends on my parents mood dunt it!xx u no wat there likee.x <3

I thought, if I go I can tell them to there faces, which is better, but I don't want to see them break.

"If they do" i heard my brother say from outside the door!

"GET LOST CONNOR, NOT IN THE MOOD!" I shouted chucking a pillow at the door.

I fell back on my bed. I was inn serious pieces that needed fixing fast. I stayed still for a couple of minutes haveing daydreams about what would happen when I'm gone.

"Serious damage sis" said Connor

"GO AWAY!" i shouted to connor

"What i'm only speaking the truth, it is boarding school your going to, you wont ever see him again, it will be like bye bye Lewis!" he said walking away


He really has done it this time i thought. i got up off my bed walked across my room to the door went through it and stomped downstairs.

"I HATE YOU" i shouted to my dad.

"Hate is a very strong word love" my dad replied

"Shutup" i replied "you have no idea what blummin love is, if you did you wouldent do this too me!"

"Oh, darling i know what love is. I just don't think you and Lew have that connection!" he said sternly.

"Oh, dad listen we have the blummin connection" i said furiousley "It's you who had to get me into boarding school!"

My mum walked in and put her arms around me.

"Darling, you have to respect your dad's wishes." she said

"Respect, what respect does he have for me?" i answered "the only reaspect he has is self respect, thinking he's all good"

"Darling we can clearly see your upset so how about tonight we take you out for a meal?" my dad said

"A meal aint gunna solve it dad, the only thing that can is you, getting a grip and seeing what damge your making. Also no thanks, i have plans of my own with the friends I arent going to have for much longer because your sending me to boarding school. So i might aswell make it last, and also i have to deliver the news to them!" i shouted

i stood there in silence waiting for my mum or dad to say something to me. But they didn't they just chatted amongst themselfs. I arent going to miss that i thought.

i walked away and went into the bathroom to get myself cleared up before bomfire party. I finnally got ready with a nice outfit, with my hair and makeup done. walked out of the house and made my way to Laurens.

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