Forbidden Love

Jess and Lew are tohgether they have been going out since last september 2 months, things are going bad though. Jess's dad's getting between Jess and Lew real fast and soon they wont see eachother anymore if they don't do something quick!
A Story By Nicole <3


5. Bomfire Party

Me and Lauren walked down a long dark path with the only light being the odd  car driving  past. To be quite honest i dont even think cars are meant to go past here, i think its a public walkpath. We turned onto the main road where you could see the park and we saw the big fire with all the rubbish chucked into it. Everyone was singing and dancing, I'm going to miss this i thought to myself! I decided that Lauren should know now since she is my best friend so i pulled her over to the bench and said "There's something i have to tell you!"

"what Jess, are you Okay?" she replied

"Yeah fine" i said but you may not be after this

"What, what is it?" she said

"My dad has decided he doesent like me hanging around with you, Darrel and Lew anymore. He wants me to move school's!" i said .

"He wont move you far away, he wont be able to get you there. We will just have to meet after school and on the weekends" she said trying as hard as she could!

"I'm afraid that wont be possible Lauren, i wish it was but its not!" i replied

"What do you mean not possible, course it's possible!" she said

"Not the school that i'm going to!" i said

"No! Not B,b,b Boarding" she said

"Yeah unfortunately, boarding school!" i replied "i know my dad's gone too far!"

"Too far, hes gone further than too far, what a stupid man" she said frantucally "sorry no afence"

"No, i can see where your coming from Lauren! But how do you think I should tell Lew?" i replied

"Well defently not now, it will spoil his night! Did you know he loves you?" she said

"I gathered" i replied. "But how?"

"Get him on his own, take him for dinner or something and tell him like you told me! I'm sure he will understand" she said

"Okay" i replied.

We walked down the path finally reaching the park, there where we saw Lew and Darrel.

"Hey Babe" said Lew

"Hiya Gorgeous, Hey Daz" i said back

"Hi" said Daz

we all made our way down to the bomfire, it was already busy. There was police everywhere and ambulances covering the park, what do they think is going to happen a murder or somthing? i thought to myslef. We managed to get near to the front getting a ray of heat on our faces. All i kept thinking to myslef is how am i going to tell him and I'm going to miss this. If it wasent for my stupid dad none of this would of happened!

We stood round the fire for a while, but this was seriousley bugging me, i told Lauren i would be 5 miuntes, got hold of Lew's hand and pulled throught the crowd. I finally got the the edge and i told Lew everything. He couldent believe it, he kept saying "your dad's lucky i respect him"

I could see how angry he was but he kept hold of my hand, he started to walk so i followed catching up to him. We walked for ages. Talking about this and that. I was really going to miss him, It was really dark and you couldent see anything but i reached for his face and kissed him, it was like magic, i felt some water almost as if a raindrop rolling down his face and reaching me. As soon as i felt it i burst into tears, I loved him, i couldent let him go.

I knew what i was going to do but i needed a definet answer first, i held his hand tighter and said "I'm going to try not to go!"

A smile shone apon his face and you could see his shining white teeth.

"I Love you" he said

"I love you too" i replied

I stayed there for a couple more hours, but then had to go home, Lew and Darrel walked us home and he gave me a kiss as i went into the garden.

"Bye, see you tommrow everyone, Love you Lew" i said.

I walked away hearing in the distance

"love you too"

i knew it was Lew, i opened the door and went upstairs.

I Had A Plan!

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