D Is For Death Of Love

My beautiful guy, the most decent thing that has ever happened to me and i all has to stop because his dad is moving away, why must he go with him, why couldn't he just stay with me so we can get married!???


2. Devon Halterstone

My firt class was good but the second class was horrific, a girl called Devon Halterstone came and sat next to me, she was the most annoying person i had ever met, she used to pick at my chair in IT, she used to...

well this is the list that i can think of

She used to:

Scratch at my arm

Throw her football at my face

Stick her gum under my side of the table

Make noises until she was blue in the face (LITERALLY)

Throw her coat on me

(this is the most wierd!!!)

Lift up my arm and stroke my armpits


She is disgusting in her own little way, ugh how nasty is that! She can easily go and sit next to Howard who she has being crushing on since like forever! I want to smell fresh for Jasper and I can not do that while she is breathing on me! I have decided that I am going to move classes, miss can not stop me because she know I have a temper! Devon Halterstone can sit on her own from now on!

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