Dead or not

is about a girl who becomes a vampire after she tried to commit suicide and after her sister died

(det er en oversættelse af død eller ej)


4. Maria is here!

There was silence for a bit and then I was knocked down. It went so fast that I did not notice it until I was lying on the floor, with a not so easy person over at me. I looked up and saw a pair of blue eyes just like mine. It was Mary! I hugged her hard, she was not dead. Or almost, that's what vampires are not.

How were we a little while we both cried for joy. After a while we came up to stand, we hugged each other again. Suddenly I heard a clear his throat behind me. I pulled myself away from Maria who now had a nervous facial expressions, "I explain it later" parroted her after I had sent her a questioning look. Again, there was one who cleared his throat, I turned slowly. And there was a stunningly beautiful girl or woman, again I was not sure it was hard to tell with the vampires. "And what are you doing here" she asked in a less friendly manner. I grace barely open his mouth before Demian said, "As I said before, she is our newest member, it's my fault she's here," he said this last with a slight guilt proven sound. The beautiful girl sighed, "but Demian, you know we have more rooms. I can understand why you ask her, we can all make mistakes, but then you had done with her, it will not do to have her here "She looked over at me as she continued" I'm sorry, but we have no room for you, you're forced to live elsewhere, "She said it sourly, and it was obvious that she was not at all sorry. Demian hesitated before he lit up in a smile and replied, "She can just stay with me Jade" There ran a grimace over the girl who apparently called Jade's face, but she was fairly mastered it when she said "But we have no beds, and I'm sure Bella does not want to share my bed with a fully transformed MALE vampire "It was obvious that she tried to sound calm but a hint that desperation was visible in her otherwise so perfect voice. Demian still smiling when he said "There are some in the basement, we take just one of them" and before Jade could even answer, he looked down at me and continued "let us go down and pick someone up, and then we go forth and had hold of some clothes for you "He took my arm and pulled me in, Maria followed also after right behind me, she reminded me of a little puppy. I smiled at the thought.

I sat on my bed while I watched Demian who was asleep. We had been out and buy clothes for me, after the sun had gone down, it hurts and be in the sun for us. Maria had told me everything that had happened. She had been transformed by a random man on the street who just had bitten her and then kicked her in a bush. When our parents found out they had just thrown her out. And they had found her Dallas, Dallas is her boyfriend now, he is really nice. I looked again at Demian, he had begun to talk in their sleep. I pointed ears to hear what he said. "Bella" How wild! He said MY name, he dreamed of me, that there were some who otherwise never did! I lay down happy in bed and fell asleep with a smile.

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