Dead or not

is about a girl who becomes a vampire after she tried to commit suicide and after her sister died

(det er en oversættelse af død eller ej)


3. Are they real vampires?

I just stared at him. I would like to say something, but my throat constricted. I coughed slightly and then began "who... Who are you?" My voice trembled and broke. He did not look at me as he replied, "It was not on purpose." I looked at him uncomprehendingly. He continued "it with your arm, it does not go away." I looked down automatically. I was surprised at how calm my voice sounded when I again said, "Who are you?" This time he looked at me. He had a sad look in his eyes when he said "a monster, a creature ... a vampire." I do not know why, but right when he said it, I burst out laughing. It was just so stupid. He was probably not really in the head. He looked at me with an inquiring gaze. "Do you realize how silly that sounds?" I asked while I was trying to stop laughing. He smiled wryly and replied "well, I'm not the first time, but then began the change. I was faster, stronger, and I was hungry for, well you know? And when I saw, so you ku I just do not let be ". I stopped laughing and looked again at my hand. I carefully took hold of the edge of the bandage and pulled it off. And that was it, two small holes, probably after a couple of very sharp teeth. I looked at him and then it happened strange. I screamed. High. And I could not stop. He was quick on his feet, and faster than humanly possible, he was beside me and held my mouth. He was incredibly strong, but I did not give up so easily. I bit his hand so hard I could. He gave a muffled oath from him, and pull away. Two deep holes now sat in the middle of his hand. I gasped, I had done it? I took his hand slowly up to my teeth, and sure enough, two of my teeth were sharp. Very sharp. When I lowered my hand again, I noticed my skin. It no longer had the light brown cappuccino color, but was white. Whiter than the snow that had fallen on me the night before.

He sighed, and sat on the bed beside me and began to explain. He had bitten me. He had transformed me into a bloodsucking monster as equally well be said to live without blood, it was just as if you never really was satisfied. Storage building was apparently a sort of hiding place for all vampires around here, and there was so little. I was just a little and thought he was done, the way I had begun to cry. I looked up at him, "why?" I said with a whisper. He sighed. "I explain it later, we must come down and eat now."

I looked questioningly at him, and he explained that they had a large dining room where they gathered, and I was apparently presented to them all. They did so by all the new vampires. He had stood up and was heading for the door when he saw that I did not go with. He sighed again, "come on, they do not bite," he said flippant. I laughed a little, "Sure?" He took my hand "almost" he replied with a smile. I looked into his eyes, smiled a little, and before I knew it, he pulled me into a large hall. As soon as we came in, was completely quiet. My eyes grew big at the sight of the many vampires who sat and ate, as ordinary people, or whatever you say. Demian (which he incidentally called) coughed slightly and then began "all together, this is Bella, she is our newest member. Help her feel welcome, and let her fall."

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