Everlasting Love


1. 31st July

Dear Diary, I am gazing out of the window whilst the rain is causing rivulets to merge down the window. The condensation in our car is equal to at least ten kettles boiling. Subsequently causing an eerie mist to appear to be encircling our surroundings. My heart is as heavy as fifty thousand trenches as with every heartbeat I am moving further away from my miserable life. We are heading to Cornwall to spend the Summer there as with my boyfriend’s funeral life has become suffocating. For the past sprinkling of months I have felt like someone has been suppressing me with a pillow. Hopefully staying at Aunt Milda’s will be sufficient timing to gradually get a grip of things. Every time I am close to letting go I see the scene in front of me so vividly. The harsh chill of the breeze causing distress to pump significantly through me, Luke’s pleading beady eyes. My wrists turning a ghastly white as he clutched onto me and then his body sinking into the water. Yet the most depressing prospect of it was his last words. Said in a hoarse manner almost above a whisper, “I love you Lola nothing will ever change that.” It wasn’t my fault Luke slipped on the bridge and there was nothing more I could have done but the memory still lingers. Twisting like a knife in my heart. Torturing every living moment that he now spends dead. My parents are endeavouring to attract my attention. I must have drifted into one of my permanent daydreams. The monotonous revving of the car has dissolved leaving the remnants of a scarce tranquillity.

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