Super Sonnet Love

Love is like a butterfly. It flaps about and then it dies.


1. Grenade Love

The world is full of blokes who'll chew grenades,

Who'll run through minefields, just to save your cat,

Who'll give you every penny they get paid

And fight off vampires with a cricket bat.

The world is full of blokes who'd suck a nuke,

They're queueing up to kill themselves for you.

They'll gladly choke on radiation puke.

Their hearts explode; their bodies turn to goo.

But who takes out the bins each Saturday?

Who watches Strictly, Scrubs and 24?

Who holds their tongue and lets you have your say?

Who laughs like they've not heard that joke before?

Self-sacrifice is fine, but so's a smile.

The little things are what make love worthwhile.

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