pale faced goodbye

Its about love, ghosts, and the death of the woman you love. its three in the morning right now, but i write 'em as they come to me. so enjoy (i cant make you enjoy of course, its a matter of opinion, but i hope you do)


3. Pale visitor

Finally the tent was up! I turned around to check on Libby, she was writing something on a piece of paper. "whats that lib?" she giggled and replyed "A letter for you, but you cant read it yet, promise?" "I promise" I walked over to kiss her when over her sholder i noticed an old woman, Libby lips pressed gently against mine. i pulled away and said with a smirk "theres some one watching us" she spun around. "Alex, dont scare me like that" I looked again there was noone. It was getting late, we decided it was about time to get into the tent. we cuddled up next to eachother, i kissed her goodnight, and drifted to sleep. I awoke shivering, never have i seen night as black as this, i looked at libby who was lying still, stairing at me eyes wide open. she looked so pale, her eyes looked empty. suddenly there was a rustle from outside, it was fairly distant, but getting closer. Libby began to cry, i reasured her that i would check on what it was. i grabbed my camping knife and stepped out the tent. i could see movment in the bushes, i could hear whispering, i walked towards it, Libby's crying had stopped whitch i took as a good sign. i stepped through some brambles and came face to face with a woman, no a girl. It was libby, she whisperd "sorry popped to the loo, didnt mean to wake you" i spun around and looked at the tent, the door was still shut. whoever was in there was not my Libby. i walked to the door behind me i could hear her "you okay Alex? You're very pale Alex. You look scared?" i swung open the tent door, no woman lay in the tent, no pale face or empty eyes greeted me, just an empty tent. "everythings finr lib, just a bit tierd, lets get back to bed"

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