pale faced goodbye

Its about love, ghosts, and the death of the woman you love. its three in the morning right now, but i write 'em as they come to me. so enjoy (i cant make you enjoy of course, its a matter of opinion, but i hope you do)


1. Alone time

The crying stopped, finally silence. But then came the laughter, it was allmost maddening, she only laughs when she is ready, ready for her next victim, to gaze into their eyes as the life leaves. I would have run the knife across my own neck if i didnt hear the scream. The screaming is good, the screaming means you made it another night. I see her all the time, not the pale lady, my Libby. I just wanted to do something nice, she loved camping, she loved me! But now she is gone, how many more will die by her hand? There is only one way out, keep moving, the others get tierd, but not us, we can do this,"come on Lib..." tears rolled down my cheek, if i could go back, what more could i do! i clutched Lib's letter still soked in blood. It still smelt of her, of that night. That horrorble night.

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