Witch Or Lies!

Marella is a girl who is utterly confused in a world believing her mother,is the writhing figure that stands before her.She despises her and her cruel and wicked ways so she seeks to find the truth behind all the lies she has been made to believe,will she love her new self or want to go back to her old ways,will she realise she held more power than she thanked herself for,will she wish she never found out the truth-that she was constantly obedient to Mildred's commanding finger!

Was the mark a sign for the becoming future
Or a warning........


2. Sweet Escape

 I could see the blood boiling over in her;this would explain her temper boiling getting hotter and hotter...

"Do you know how lucky you are child." She spat venomous spit flairing of her lips.

"Y..Y..Yes" I stuttered closing my eyes so tightly I thought my eyelids would snap.

"Do you know what I'm keeping you from,if it wasn't for me you'd be dead,you should thank me." She  whispered slyly

"Do you want to be disciplined,do you want to be punished ,DO YOU want me to show you why we do not speak of the outside world." Her voice grew louder from a whisper boiling into something,that a deaf person could even pick up.

I clenched my fingers onto my seat looking menacingly into my lap.

"Because I'm your mother!" She chortled amusingly.

I couldn't take it how could she lie to my face and continue to act so innocent.

"You don't know whats out there." She spat her fingers making forms on the edge of the table eyes bulging out of their sockets looking to me.

I couldn't take it.

"That is why I keep you safe and sound."


"Is that why you beat me and tell lies,Is that why you hurt me and use me."

"Hah use you silly little girl how dare you cheek with meI'll have you-"

"And another thing I will not stand this you are NOT my mother I do not care you wicked mean old bloodfestering hag.Your evil." I spat the words as I gasped for more breath.

I could not believe what I was saying but somehow a power surged out of me and let all these thought reek havoc.What had I done?

"You use me to get stronger,I don't know how and I don't know why,but you do.You don't keep me safe from what's out there lets face it I'm in a world surrounded by demons and witches that I can not even witness,you leave me to fend for myself for weeks sometimes.I'D RATHER BE DEAD TO YOU THAN CALL YOU MY MOTHER!"

Her long nails screeched along the wood her body quaking a volcanic eruption of fury.Her disgusting face bent up beneath her curtain of shadowed hair.A face scarlet from brim to base filled her with rage deep rage.I swallowed hard what had I done I never had gone this far.


Her tone was comical but her voice seemed possessed from another being but it wasn't,100% her!

She raised her hand high in the air.I took a chance to say the words that had been locked in my brain the ones only my thoughts had ever heard,but they were ready to be released.


Her face boiled harder,hotter,louder,thicker,thirstier,until she screamed and her hand raised higher.Bolts of lightning were ignited of her fingertips aiming towards me,my hold from the chair was broken I went flying through the air smashing hard into things that would damage me for life.Scarlet blood seeped from my scalp - making my hair more bloodthirsty,I would not stand anymore of this.



                                                         *                    *                     *                      *                    *

I stood on my tender tiptoes,a thinning branch stood beneath me and the mushy floor. My  feet towered as I  watched her in the midst of fog in my surroundings - the snow blanketed each branch givingly - as a forest of black and white stood - each tree as a soldier frozen in time on a battle feild changing form.To which they now would stand for eternity.............frozen.My auburn hair straggled in the wind,white knuckles clinging in an old rag I claimed for a coat,I'd pounded myself with any source of warm clothing I could find for my sweet escape anything that would help me get away from her.

I exhaled small breaths that stained the sticky windows,I could make out her silhouette arched over a cauldron,her chin pointed downwards drooping like an old leaf ready to let go as winter took its toll,but that was the thing,she had no new life as such in her whatsoever- she was an old hag who deserved every thing she got-whether it was evil or dastardly.Her coiling hands bared bottles in her grasp emptying their contents as she stirred and stirred,smoke rose,the ash room was suddenly coloured by fireworks,streams of rainbows leaping out trying to escape; A hearty mix of a Kaleidoscope of colours I presumed they were trying to escape from her.I knew what this meant.Every full moon she would prepare this (let's call it a ceremony perhaps?) a cauldron full of all sorts of magic that the witch held she would strip me bare and place me in,as she devoured the heat,magic,powers.That sinked of my skin she would recite an old spell under her breath,in every procedure I would be knocked out cold so she could fester on my power,that I wasn't even aware of.until now.

I watched gingerly;cautiously waiting until it was obvious that I should make a move.Only this time I wouldn't be there to take  this dreadful bloodsucking procedure,I would be gone,I didn't need to take the beating that awaited if I chose to refuse,step one was already complete it was getting the timing right! Well maybe it was time to go before she suspected I was no were in sight,I let  the refreshing meloncholy breeze settle,seeping in my skin.I could of been snow white because Mildred was poison pure and true and I was nothing like her nothing of the sort I was as pale as the cream of snow,but she seemed dark with evil her eyes were coal,mine were a brilliant blue that were truly magnificent. I needed to leave,I thought aloud in my traumitized mind.I could only take so much damage.

C'mon C'mon,any second now......ha ha ha just see the look on her face,stupid old witch

I will finally be free to roam  my own land,no mother would beat her own child needinglessly,ok maybe someone going through a mental breakdown,but she pfft past her sell by date,I will adventure out and finally see this forbidden world,Maybe somewhere there is other people like me!

Ok Ok she's setting up her potion now,I want to get this right if I set off now she will automaticaly sense something that crystal ball of hers is to untrustworthy,it will only cease to sense my escape if her mood is not happy or unsatisfactory.

Just a little tension that's all, Yes she'll realise I'm busy in the dungeon or something when she see's my absence,then I must run before it's to late.Before her tension grows to high and she puts two and two togther!

She stood there gazing in a direction I was trying to figure out for myself then it hit her slit coal eyes brightened to a burning fire in sheer shock.......she'd saw me.

I ran faster than my legs could carry me.Clutching the book tight against me sheltering me.The snow seemed to be on her side as it restrained me but I kept fighting I ran at the speed of light nothing would stop me.I darted out of the trees my breath drawing thicker,heavier.I gasped but the air stung my nose bulged.A lightning struck above me the sk grew grey-a laugh wicked as it cackled echoing across the sky.I panted harder.It was growing faster now my body was getting weaker and like frozen ice I froze to a stop lying in the snow.A blast of lightning fell through the trees.

There was no hope left I used the book to protect me and as the lightning struck it reacted like a shield and repelled every force she had put into it to her,As I looked at my fingertips I realized it was me I had possessed this power but it didn't make sense how?.The sky ligthened I knew she had been struck but she was strong and this would not stop her she had every evil force on her side as she was evil.I was alone. I ran seeping wet behind a stick tree my tears swelled my cheeks.She was now searching for me.

(she had probably gone back to the cottage to prepare herself for her biggest strike yet.)I needed to get out of here and fast but I was to weak,I needed help, I had no clue were I was going but I had a feeling that I had ended magic as we know it because she was ready to rebel.She would never give up. I could feel the power in my bones.

Questions blurred inside of me,why was I the cause of this,I had no real parents,I must be powerful if she needed me.then why would he keep me a secret and hide me away.I pulled my sleeve up a panging pain stained my wrist underneath many unvisible scars lay a mark that glowed it looked like a crescent moon - but it began glowing until it shaped into an eye.I felt great pain as I screamed into the forest.Biting my lip viciously nearly ripping the book to its pages.That I had stolen.

Then a voice called unwary and unsure like it should turn back.

"Hello." It called hesitantly

I festered a smile of hope wanly.

"Is anyone there,look if if if your not like evil or anything please step forward." The voice broke of like it was ready to run now by what it would face.

"I saw you earlier running through the forest,are you lost? you really shouldn't roam around out here with all the...the things that are out here.Are you ok?"

"All I want to do is help please don't be frightened I'm no evil sorceror."

I decided to answer this voice it seemed genuine or was it a trick?

It was definitely female.


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