Witch Or Lies!

Marella is a girl who is utterly confused in a world believing her mother,is the writhing figure that stands before her.She despises her and her cruel and wicked ways so she seeks to find the truth behind all the lies she has been made to believe,will she love her new self or want to go back to her old ways,will she realise she held more power than she thanked herself for,will she wish she never found out the truth-that she was constantly obedient to Mildred's commanding finger!

Was the mark a sign for the becoming future
Or a warning........


1. Revenge

Muhahaha I never thought revenge would taste so sweet that it would leave that melting savoury taste in my mouth,as she stood before me questioning my very existence punishing ME,for the reason of even living, to discipline my every thought,word or wish.That had NOT already been spoken for....

she stood there pacing up and down sweat beading on her forehead,wrinkles growing deeper creasing in her skin,a masquerade of raven hair fell like death,steel eyes looked bashed from to many morbid sites (probably herself morelike)

I never really understood why she was my Mother-she showed no love-no compassion,she kept me locked away in an old rundown cottage.In the middle of a forest that stretched for miles with nothing but mushy snow,I saw no other source of loving life,I knew there was a world out there full of magic and secrets,for we did not live in an ordinary world,we lived in a place were magic was just around the corner.A natural source of life it was; to be used for all the right reasons.Mildred had always told me the world outside was to big for a little girl like me,that I should learn my place in this world,that I would be disciplined that I was hers and I would do anything she commanded. I barely had any knowledge of life outside but I knew that it was growing darker and darker -  the so called cottage was filled with magic and witchcraft you would never believe for your sour eyes,she beat my until I bled.

My scars were the only thing she had ever give me that I had proof over.For I witnessed demons and other souls alike came to the cottage she would lock her and these other beings in a room were I would overhere shreaks of agony and pain,whispers of deep voices of black cold stale black.Why? because I lived in a world were evil realmed I knew that the outside world faced evil alike.Mildred would leave me alone sometimes for days,weeks then she would return.She had grew more evil  every time she would return bolting the door tight and forming a shield around the place I called home,many times I would hear things outside trying to break in,I'm sure that she killed every living thing that ever tried take me,but why me? these disturbances or therefore outings would be caused by her crystal ball which shecould sense anything.She hurt me and whipped me dry and then festered or somewhat feeded of me,In a way I can't explain.

But every time she would whisper in my ear as her stale fingers touched the mock of my hair soothing it behind my ear. 'Your to precious to waste'.Mildred would never tell me about the outside world infact she would refuse,and grow remorselessly impatient,although she did not know of my knowledge.You see Mildred was a witch,which yes I was aware of she comforted me saying if it wasn't for her I would have been left for dead,because you see Mildred isn't my real mother ;she found me.

On a cold winters night in a village west from the forest of fear,the village was happy and sorcerors grew,but best of all the great king Lufelius ruled the land he had the greatest mightiest power as a wizard,everyone followed wisely in his footsteps as he grew old he found love in Esmerelda who became queen.Now in this magical world which is real believe you me the very air I am breathing right this second is from it.The land had two sides A land of dark sorrow and despair,were magic ceased to black dark magic,the king forbid it from his kingdom so all the dark sorcerors were banished far away,the corpses of ruin mourned for flesh and darkness alike witches and kins blood drinkers and demons became an evil ruin lurking in the outlands.Growing rebellious over the king.

King Lufelius held all the powers and these powers were kept in his magic book he held every secet everything good that should be shared and touched as people came to him fo advice.His beautiful wife Esmerelda grew protective over this too,but one evil dark day an evil sorceress stole many dark secrets from the book and formed a dark strike on the land,she was believed to have formed many followers as she used more and more of these forbidden powers,creating demons witches and everything evil,her name was Carlacius,she was an evil sorceress who led her powers astray.Esmerelda managed to kill Carlaciusfor she did not have enough power in her flesh and blood,like the queen - when she took her outbreak on the king.Her followers were leaderless.Carlacius had failed to attempt to rule the kingdom of magic alike.

So her followers continued to fester in the lands.But one fateful day one of Carlacius's followers took revenge and took the one thing they loved the most,their daughter.They tried searching everywere with their powers.Even villagers did their part but none prevailed.For there daughter was there only hope of regaining great power and ruling happily with them,whoever did have this girl could become te most powerful sorceror alive.

King Lufelius's And Esmerelda's powers combined.

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