Witch Or Lies!

Marella is a girl who is utterly confused in a world believing her mother,is the writhing figure that stands before her.She despises her and her cruel and wicked ways so she seeks to find the truth behind all the lies she has been made to believe,will she love her new self or want to go back to her old ways,will she realise she held more power than she thanked herself for,will she wish she never found out the truth-that she was constantly obedient to Mildred's commanding finger!

Was the mark a sign for the becoming future
Or a warning........


3. Answers - Questions - And Answers

I used the cunning tree for support as I stood a wind swept past rapidly maybe a spirit or my imagination.

The voice called:

"Look please w..what is your name."

"Marella." I half choked as I was very close to death itself.

The face I met nearly fainted with hunger.....

"Oh" she looked relieved but not as elieved as I was she had beautiful beech hair that shimmered and seemed to attract my eyes from the snow,her eyes were a dark deep brown,she was about twelve years of age.I was most certainly 14 but she behaved much older.She was bundled in a mass of fur coats,she looked startled as her peach palm gestured for me to step forward.

"I'm Lucy please where...do...you...come..from." She spoke to me as if I was from another world

"Don't worry I'm not thick!" My voice created a cloud of smoke in the atmosphere.

"Look I'm Marella,Fourteen I have just escaped from the most disgusting witch she is simply a toad and-"

Lucy started to giggle at my language I seemed to amuse her,then her eyes scowered my figure as if it was gold.

"The Marella." She half whispered in the bleak snow.

"Yes I said my name Is Marella,wait what do you mean the Marella?" I choked

She sniffed her eyes a hazy red under her eyelids,she was utterly amazed at my questioning like I was deaf or stupid,I'd take the last option because I definitely knew what she said,I shivered in the magical snow.

"Look please you must come with me,I can keep you warm and safe I think I can be of help to you,well my father might know!" she hesitated.

"Please your Majesty." She curtsied.

"What on earth are you on about,please just tell me is there others,of our kind?,and why are you in...the forbidden lands."

Before I could continue questioning the only normal human being I had ever met a soar of black flew across the sky,screaming as it turned an evil red I heard screams and cries coming out further from the land.

"Oh no,we must hurry!" Lucy  cried

she took hold of my palm in a quick fashion and started to guide me up a mound of snow to steep land high,high above the forest.We darted in and out of the trees clutching for breath the screams got louder,nearer somehow or other.I was so tired from my last run I stumbled and fell dragging her back.

"Quick,quick!" She protested as she hauled me up and the dirt started to crawl fo my knees.

We darted faster round another mound of earth into flat land down down down a steep hill stumbling towards a brightly lit burrow with which right you would mistake it for a bit of earth freshly mount in the ground.We jumped down sliding down the side,this was a dirty procedure,she tapped on the door fiercely as it swiftly opened.

"Hurry" she beckoned.

And befoe i could adjust my eyes to the bright lights I was met by six pairs of other eyes,one pair bright blue almost as beautiful as my own but not so sapphire,another dark like Lucy's and another hazel brown,these odd blue eyes were differently intriguing.

"Mother,Father,Jared meet Marella." Lucy's eyes filled with delight.

Her mother stood up from her depressing seat,her fathers glasses dislodged,and her brother slightly shocked.

"The Marella." Her mother whispered.

"Yes I'm most positive." Lucy replied profoundly.

"Please sit dear,why this is remarkable after all these years,here you are in flesh the whole kingdom thought you were gone."

"Gone?" I breathed.

"Look I don't know what on earth your all going on about but-"

"But oh you must child you see you are the long lost daughter."

I nearly fainted my eyes bulged and the room started to spin.

"Please Berla love your frightening the poor child,please sit dear Marella." Something in his voice reassured me.

As I took my seat next to him in the mis-matched cottage of vast varieties of wooden furniture lots of bightly coloured fabrics flew around the room so small,no matter how it would never look bare.

"Where did you find her Lucy."Her father asked doubtfuly like I wasn't even in the room.

"I was out collecting berries for mother,father and all of a sudden the sky turned black very dark,I know you told me if any trouble I should most surely return.Then I saw her running through the forest totally freaked out,I'm sure she was running from something.I heard a scream later,but It wasn't a demon scream it was human.So I I  called out to her father,I thought she was no danger,and then well I offered her back to the cottage you see.The sky grew dark then so we had to hurry father oh we got such a fright never havethe forests possessed such danger before."

Her father raised his eyebrows looking at me in an odd way.

"Tell me." He asked.

"Where have you been,and what were you running from?"

"Well I,I've lived with a witch for as long as I can remember,she was evil a dark sorceress,she beat my and used my powers." I said hoarsely.

"You escaped." He said.

"Yes,I,I had to escape from her I had to run free."

"You are a very brave child..Marella,this creature was a witch you say?"

"Yes" I half choked

"Berla get her something to eat and drink for christ sake."

she set to work in my honor.

"Marella did she use your powers." He whispered.

"Yes every full moon,I wasn't certain why ,she claimed to be my mother but I knew she wasn-"

his eyes filled with death.

"No" he gasped.

"Ever since you were taken from the palace,you were the only one who possessed the most power,Marella any dark spirit could feed of your talents and become so strong the could over-power as we know it and-"Lucy broke off.

"Please I-I don't undertsand" I whispered.

Berla brought a tray I took my mug thankfully.

"Marella you are the lost daughter ,Of Esmerelda and Lufelius rulers of our world,powerful sorcceress! You were kidnapped at birth,all the kingdom set to look for you,but you were believed dead."

I fainted on the floor going stain out cold.

"She's lively aint she.fancy it eh the Marella in our living room,this can't be right shemust surely be a fake." The voice chortled I'm sure it was of which Jared's seeing as he had hardly spoken a word.

I was suke vigourosly as I opened my eyes.

"Good lord child or you alright." Berla eclaimed.

"Get the poor child up dear,I can see this is much shock for her."

"Please,I...I can't be who you say ,I..I've heard of the story but never have  I believed such child was me!" I exhaled.

"Please let me forsee the prophecy." Berla demanded.

she ripped back my right sleeve to unveil my birthmark of an eye.

"By my lord it is look Jared look it's her see I told you,I told you." Lucy yelped.

"Goodness child we have mercy,please takeour blessing." Berla choked.

"Hagret It's her oh joy!"

"Yes indeed you are the child,Marella you must go,go to the kingdom of wisdom to regain your throne."Hagred fortold.

"I don't understand why are you people int he outlands" I whispered.

Lucy and Jared gathered round now infront of my gaze.

"We were banished,many a year ago." Berla wiped her muffled tear with her sleeve.

"We were caught stealing." Jared piped in defeat.

"And I very well right would of had hold of that muggler if it wasn't-" Jared stopped.

"A bloodsucker was in the land,we tried to oersuade the king otherwise but he would not see our truth,we did not wrongly steal,we stole from the bloodsucker we we-" Lucy protested

"Now that's enough Lucy don't get yourself worked up poor las"  Hagret grunted slamming his mug on the table.

"Please if I am who I am told,which now I'm simply persuaded I will grant you your freedom."

"Oh child." Berla stood up with her grubby hands cradling me in her arms like her own her bony figure crushed me but it was the least I could do.

"As our thanks we will send our good son Jared to guide you on your way" Hagret appraised.

Before I could divert my eyes a book held before me showing a mystical eye tattoo,that Lucy held before me,I t was my birthmark it read: Of the long lost daughter Marella is seeked throughout the kingdom if found please recall she holds an eye birthmark....

"Father I can't surely go with her besides she'll probably faint on me." Jared said in a sarcastic tone

"Now Son she is our aonly hope for freedom it's the least we could do to help the poor might,this is the lost sorceress for crying out loud,you are aging now son becoming a fine man,I'll have show great deeds for our family." Hagret beckoned.

"Now you must go hurry!"

Berla rustled her shelves for a map which showed the path to the kingdom and such dangers to be passed the throughout the exile land.

"We cannot send the poor mites it is dangerous out their,Hagret they have no hope of survival." Berla sighed.

"We must,besides mother she is the  Marella she holds such powers that no demon or demented bloodsucker could over-power they will be fine,surely!" Lucy reassured.

"All but one" I croaked coarsely,

"You must begin your journey  we have a map,get some fresh clothes Berla,some food and some helpful potions,we must have something tat can help!"

"But,anyhting could try to feed of me regain power and anything as strong as me would,surely be the witch that I outwitted she has mypower in her flesh and blood!"

"MILDRED!" Hagret squealed.

"Yes that's her name child you must go,go and fast quick go you will be hunted down in more than a second child you must leave!,NOW GO."

"Wait what about her." I screeched growing tenser.

"She is non other than Carlacius's next akin she has overpowered the dark world she is ruler,child you must hurry she rules all the dark land everything she touches reaches to her command,No wonder she hid you it was all the beginning for her power CHILD YOU MUST GO, NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!"

"Jared melad hurry,Berla you must hurry!" Berlabombarded Jareld with a rucksack  piled to the brim.

as I clutched the book

"Marella what is that!" Jared said!

"It's MIldreds book I stole it,It possesses all her dark spells everything!"

"The book of Wisdom,child it is the very book that powers were stolen along with you long ago!" Hagret was nearly going to die of a heart attack from shock.

Beside me Lucy tensed as she saw something with her very eyes I couldn't see.

"They are comming" she whispered.

A screech of darkness hit the atmosphere the burrow began to shake,cries filled the earth and growls of werewolves sniffed.

"Go go hurry!" Berla gestured.

Jared opened a door below the table as he climbed in cautiously ,I jumped in with him as fast as I could, we ran through the tunnel together hurridly.

1.Mildred had my powers and could easily defeat me with her allies

2.I was off ona journey with a wierd boy Jared

3.Mildred was out to get me now I had got away with myself and the book

4.I didn't know what dangers I would face]

5.I was utterly scared.

Jared gave me a heartwarming smile with his bright blue eyes and unrly tousled chestnut hair as we ran through the tunnel to start our journey or was it already coming to an end:

A clever man will ignore and go his own way;A stupid man will obey.






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