Witch Or Lies!

Marella is a girl who is utterly confused in a world believing her mother,is the writhing figure that stands before her.She despises her and her cruel and wicked ways so she seeks to find the truth behind all the lies she has been made to believe,will she love her new self or want to go back to her old ways,will she realise she held more power than she thanked herself for,will she wish she never found out the truth-that she was constantly obedient to Mildred's commanding finger!

Was the mark a sign for the becoming future
Or a warning........


4. Adventure

The sweet rain drizzled on my cheeks,it was wonderful to feel it trickling down on my skin,washing my face of all sin.I felt like I had lived through a treacherous drought - but somehow suddenly rain had lapped itself to save the land from death,to save me.I was in a beautiful monsoon to not know the luxuriou of it most people would trade it for anything - not right now.Besides  I t was relaxingly breathtaking.We panted half-heartedly as we perched under a rocky shelter in the most enchanted forest I had seen it wasn't filled with cold hurtful snow but it was festered in shrubs,and  mushrooms I wouldn't be surprised if bugs were sheltering under looking for hope and peace,how I longed to be a bug no worries or cares.Too small to be spotted by sore eyes yet trees tood magicaly their branches lean,their trunks hollow.The grass had an earthy smell;that would explain why I must have felt safer because now sheltered in this environment.Somehow I felt I was actually in a place like earth an almost normal world but it was still to hard to believe.A mist hit the air and the horizon was completely blank the damp ground was nor comfortable or completely satifying - but to me nothing was better than this - sheltered from the rain - hidden from any source of evil.My lungs began to slow down their panting of rhythmous beats and my breath started to moist - so my throught could again muster words.

Jared rustled in his back pack as he et to laying warm blankets for us to perch on,

"Are you sure they've gone,now." I mustered

He squinted through a gap in the damp surroundings under the rocks and tree.

"Most definitely,unless they have super vision and super smell.We should be about fine."

I sighed a sigh of relief.

"Jared." I paused.

"Have you seen these...these beings before."

His face perched downwards not meeting my gaze.

"Yes they are the most wicked creatures,stupefied and retarded." he chuckled.

"Wont they like overpower us." I said with deep concern in my eyes.

"Well our chances are simple.I have you, meaning nothing can overpower you so we will be again,safe.You don't need to make a big deal you'll,I mean we'll be fine."

"But,I don'tknow any spells,and I'd totally petrify on the pot at the sight of those creatures."

"More like faint again". He chuckled.

I laughed chaoticly with him,or voice chorused together like a harmony,he flicked the overgrowing bark,like hair out of hi aqua eyes,moving uncomfortably,like with someone you've just met.Uncomfortable to be you.I reached my palm out to touch his sienna skin.I place my fingers smoothly on it feeling the crease of his jaw.

"What are you doing!" He moved away almost mechanically.

"I'm sorry." I whispered hurt.

"Well you should be ,what the do you think your doing?"

"I,I wanted to know what it felt like...I've never been so close to someone not as much a witch before." I squinted.

His face recovered almost immediately,as he smiled at my excuse and moved his posture back towards me,it was strange having male company not to mention he was about my age,he was good looking per-say not thta I could live to tell the tale,the only boy I'dever complimented in my thoughts.

He guffawed inan outburst looking straight ahead drawing his face down,shaking his face like a wet dog.


"Oh nothin,nothin"

slowly he moved his two fingers into little legs and ordered them to crawl up onto my knee,he met my eyes contently smiling as his hand reached and tickled my chin.I burst out in a rage of pathetic laughter,he clawed at me as we ended up in a pile wrestling childishly.

"Ow blimmin hell,Your not o oft for a girl, jeez." he moaned sitting up now.he cupped his shouldr with his  tan hand.

"Want me to take a look at it "  I smiled

"Nah,it's fine just fine probably broken that's all." He teased.

"Nevermind." I sighed.

I paused looking at him oddly the first friend I had truly made.

"how will I fight them off,you knwo these demon and all,I don't know any spell and besides watch me hopeless.You risking your entire life for me,it's insane!"

"Worth it,if it means the good of my family and finally making my father proud it's worth it.I could always teach you some spells,I know a few." He shrugged.

"Oh thank you,thank you." I hugged him tight but he didn't restrain this time he just miled in a peculiar way,that I couldn't lay my finger on.

"Your the greatest person ever!" I exclaimed a little too over exagerated.

"You mean friends." He said.

"Friend?" I ruffled in the dampness.

"You know f.r.i.e.n.d,pals,buddies,mates,....partners." He nudged raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah!" He took hold of my little finger clasping it in his.

"Friends!" I repeated obediently

He turned his back on me ruffled in the rucksack pulling out a crumpled map,a hunky blanket by now the others were quite sodden and odd objects which I believed were food,I was only ever fed forceful burning teaspoons from Mildred,well they probaly weren't food at all.He handed me a moresel of food.

"Enjoy,and eat up and enjoy we have a big day ahead of us too"

I sighed perplexed in utter fear and defeat.The rain began to grind to a hault,I reched my hand out finding only tiny drizzle drop in my hand,sniffing the minty air that stung my nostrils.

"Um we'll set of at dawn,we don't have much time but it's better to rest she'll be looking for you now anyways."

"Mildred." I corrected

He nodded - He gulped looking towards me -

"what was she like." He pressed "I mean what did she do to you,its ok if you don't want to talk about it."

I wanted to talk about it more than ever I wanted everything living thing to know about her andher evil ways what she was like,why she deserved no sympathy at all!

"She was... terrible.Lively darkly lively." I got this word of Jared which he had already ued to comment my behaviour before.

"She was horrible,she told me way way way long ago that he had found me abondoned in streets in the kingdom,that she took me to the forbidden lands far out of harm and reach,huh as she says so she could protect me.The thing was he wasn't protecting me at all." I said in a meloncholy tone my voice hoarse.

"Like what exactly you say she took your....power or something."

"Well-" I rolled up my sleeve and set my sapphire gaze upon my birthmark forlife as he took his first real glance upon it.

"As I'm suppoively the daughter-"

"The gifted one." He quoted as it lingered of his peach lips.

"The-" I didn't bother to continue this was obviously some statement placed on my behalf the gifted oneanything but the best gift I had got was her.

"Anyway she treated me vicously,always beating me it was horrible,I have bruises cuts and scars from her,she was simply and utterly mad.If I say so myself,I did all the chores everything and acted like a good little girl.Somedays she would leave me for an hour or two or a day,days,weeks." My voice became coarse unhealthily jaundiced - as a yellow light hit me,the sun gaping throught the clouds.But it was my imagination the moon stood there bold and true.

"She would bring..... guests......visitors....they were either trolls demons,demontors,bloodsuckers,hags,wolves,bats anything even the devil himself.And she would lock herself in a room,with them.One time I tried to listen through the door on ly to hear her ordering them for answers as they pleaded for mercy,saying please your majesty.I didn't wuite understand but now its clear she's the next in line the Queen.I realized that when she left me it was to rule her kingdom train them even fill them with power and deep dark evil,her,my home was probably a troture house for  the untrutworthy captives,she kept everything out everything away from me,so they wouldn'tteal her power like she stole mine,every full moon." I bit my lip circling the ground feeling my bony body and  a lock of red hair.

"So how did you escape?" He whispered engrossed.

" She was telling me off as usual beating me for...fun,I couldn'ttake it no more for thirteen and a half years when I was only more then eight monthold she took me,every celebrated day she'd hide it away as I aged,I gained knowledge from the outside world from her notes and books that she didn't know I had access too.She was spitting in my face telling me how worthless I was again and again spitting venom in my face.Telling ME THAT SHE WA MY MOTHER.So I couldn't take it I confronted her literally yelling at her-" I broke of biting my lip reliving the memory that happened only time ago.

"And then what,what happened then Mell" He squeezed.

"She hit me...she hit me with such force I..I ......I went flying blood pouring from my eyes she shattering my bones,but with my power I healed.So I decided to take revenge taking her precious book that she stole from my father Lufelius-" I t felt wierd putting such a trait on him as my own flesh and blood.

"So I sneaked out back with her book,which I'd done many befire but never ever ever thought of escaping,because I knew I was no match,then I waited as she prepared the ceremony to suck my power.You see she has a crystal ball which can only cease power if she is worried or unatisfied."

"So how did you plan to do that I mean,coudln't she know where you are right now?" He was so intrigued.

"No she will be too worried and stressed for her own self at he failed attack- so I was saying I took the book and waited until the time was right and I ran,I ran faster than I ever had before dodging every blowhiding behind every tree until she struck be but I held the book above me as it bounced her back,but I could actually feel that it was me that I put power into the book,the object for it to work,and she blasted back so  I ran on knowing it was a matter of time before he'd have me then I Sat my mark was stinging so I screamed,that's when I met your sister Lucy and she guided me to your burrow.

He sat with his mouth in a perfect O shape gawping.I shuffled trying to block the memories happy that I had shared it in detail with my  new friend!

"Woah that sounded awesome,so she really did that you Mell,I mean  Marella.I'm sorry." He moved his hand to comfort me but withdrawed.

"Yes it's nothing,really I'm jut glad to....get away from it all...looking out the window....wondering whats out there ...if I will see the next day.It was so depressing-" I hid my face from him reliving the feelings it felt wierd.

"Hey Mell don't be sad,look everything should turn out right I mean aint it the good guys always win."He said comforting me.

He sat with his legs arched and looking in my direction,I was the same but my eyes didn't draw to his direction.

"Technicaly I'm not a guy,and hell it's more fun to be bad."

He chuckled to himself,as I caught onto his contagious rasp,I tried to cheer up I guess I was pretty depresing.I sat up and smiled swatting my hair out of my eyes.He caught a lock and examined.

"Natural red head eh,wooh fiery temper."

"You bet,watch it or I'll."

He leaned forward ready to amuse me when he elbowed something hard.


I giggledas he cupped his elbow.

"Well thanks alot!" He groaned.

I moved the worn blanket to find the book and gulped,tracing my fingers over the enchanting cover -cautiously reting it on my lap (very uncomfortable)

"Hey what's that,oh right the weapon." He panted.

"Yup watch out........no it's um my fathers book." I said half-heartedly.

A minute pressed on

"Well go on then open it.What are you waiting for." He nudged me hard.

I clutched my fingers around the cover and drewit back,to my eyes led a contents page after page,in the most mesmerizing text.I scowered i,it held lits of spells potions,for different effects,every animal that was unreal and everything you would never know about them,then I flicked to spells.

"Woah - wicked! look at that,we so gotta try it oooh" He cheered.

"I dunno look I don't wanna mess this up besides I can't do it remember?"

"Oh pssh spells smells big woop now stop complaining woman,worser than my mother!"

He scooped me up by the hand as he towered above me he peered through the gap,there was no sign of anything,except for arched trees with broken fingers on the ends,and hideous bushes,not to mention the thick fog.He guided me through the closing gap out into the clearing - already he had the book in his hands awestruck.

"Cool heh heh dancing demons." He chortled.

"Look quit messing around and get on with it."

He flicked to an unknown page.The fog was like a gas overwhelimng me in unbelievable ways- the cool aair draping my skin I folded my arms with effort.

"Ok,ok got it,thi here is a powering spell 'able to throw objects to amazing feats'.Cool! ok,another turn to stone,oh no no wait death by serious pain by a single strike,ooh takes a great sorceror to kill by great focus woah would you look at-"

He saw my eyes.


he stood behind me hands on my shoulders; except they weren't helping me concentrate at all,he leaned a hand to grap my palm pointing straight to an innocent tree.

"Ready?" He Jared whispered.


"Alright paralizing an object now close your eyes and focus repeat exactly what I say,now focus.......go."

"Felrocus." He whispered.

I eyed my target pointing at it I took a deep breath you can do this, you can do it!


the tree was sent tumbling,screeching with pain as electrical currents swam of it.

I looked behind me to Jared

"Awesome,that was wicked ,how did you do it so..soo good I mean woah a billion year old witch or what."

"Ok ok next c'mon Marella you can do this."

The forest looked impecably startled by my disturbance a crow cawed in the distance,I snapped my eyelids shut and visioned my next oponent- the forest was eerie and petrifying me to the spot.

"Say Horcus." He prodded.

I waited.

"Horcus." The tree went up of its roots scraming to death as it plunged to the other side of the forest plumiting to its death.

"Oooh" Jared stood gobsmacked.

I smiled to myself - the crow began the corw again almost mocking me but I blocked it out.

"Say Lesrachia Reliosa."

" L E S R A C H I A  R E L I O S A"

The tree crumbled wildly flying like fragments of glass at such speed like an explosion went of flying at us! I visioned tight and before my eyes my arm glowed and a force field spread around us blowing the ground like a hurricane blocking the power.The shield broke and I heard violent men shrieks before a war.

"RUN." Jared took my hand at propped me on his back,running at great speed I held ontight.What was going on?


Mella Marella wake up wake up please c'mon.

I opened my eye struck with a face of shock.

"What, who was it what happened where are we!"

"It's fine it's fine,some evil foragers heard your well ruckus and came charging but I got you back here safe,now shhh I thinkt hey're still here."

"How did they know!" I  echoed

"They can ene great power,and you have it you did well today he patted me on the head I stared into his icy eyes,peachy skin and unruly hair and smiled,shivering even.


He prodded me next to him as we warmed intensely.

"Best friends." I held out my finger.

"Best friends." He chorused,

And a udden coma hit as I slept in fear,of being found already I rested gently on sweet,sweet Jared till morning awoke and the journey would begin for real.............















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