Good To Go

I am Rosie and i have decided that I live in such a small town and i want to move somewhere so much bigger, im moving to LA! this is where i belong and this is where i am going to become FAMOUS!!!!!!!


1. It's On Like Donky Kong!!!

27th July 2004

The wind in my hair, the sun on my skin, the flow of my hair. Freedom soon, graduation is just a few days away and i am more ready than ever! In just 5 days I will be a graduate and then i am going to bigger places, i am going to be bigger than Mc Donalds, i am going to be an actress!

As i waited outside the detention room waiting for my best friend, i was thinking about a girl called sophie, she has being trying to beat me in everything ever since kindergarden when i spilt juice on her and everyone thought she had peed, this time, it's my time to shine, my time to show her that she can not get in my way anymore or it means a vishious attack, slapping, scratching and pulling of hair! she can not try and get in the way of me becoming an actress because i refuse to let her, i have being second to her in everything but i have had enough this time... THIS TIME I AM GETTING THE LEAD!!!

i have being second place for too long i've decided that I am going to get shut of her for the auditions just like she did to me in year 3, year 5, year 8, year 9 and year 10, this is my time to get rid of her. SHe knew I was better than her so she got rid of me, yeah thats what happened, i had acting lessons everyday except for sundays when i went to church. So this time im going to win by far, they are casting the role for cindarella tomorrow and i am going to get it, they did Cindarella in year 2 and i was one of the mice so i decided thatI am going to be the beautiful Cindarella and not some scruffy mouse!

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