two hearts

a poem about how two people come together in the most unusual way


1. Two Hearts...


The busy bustle of people passing by, 

Is too much, 

For me.


I wander through the waves of people,

My head in the clouds,

Not looking.


Bump go i.

I stumble, and mumble: "Sorry..." 

Very quiet.


Looking up i see her face, 

A shining beacon in the doom and gloom,

Of today.


She smiles so sweetly,

And picks up her things,

I stare.


The world has slowed down.

Its just me and her,

Nobody else.


Her eyes are the bluest sapphires,

Her lips as red as blood,

Shes perfect.


She walks away,

But looks over her shoulder,

And smiles.


Everything is different now,

I no longer daydream,

I'm looking.


I'm looking out for her,

In this deep dark world,

My love.

My life.

My beacon.



By Olivia Davidson, age 11

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