The Piano Love Song

This is a poem about an old couple who were married many years ago, but sadly the wife died, leaving the husband alone. In this poem, Edward ( the husband ), believes that his wife, Eleanor, has come back to him. Meanwhile, Edward is playing the song that was playing when the first met on a piano.


1. The Piano Love Song.

As the soft music played,

He thought about his life,

About how much it had changed

Since he lost his wife...


But, suddenly,

Straight out of the blue,

She appeared from the air,

He appearance so true.


Her name was Eleanor,

His name was Edward.

And their lingering love

Was rekindled once more.


For a moment they sat,

As the soft music played,

But Edward had

So much to say.


He told her about

The way things had gone,

How a boy named Ben

Was their new grandson.


But as soon as he said

The age of the child,

He realised how long his wife had been dead...

10 years today...


And when she told him

She must depart,

He again felt the pang

Of a broken heart.


Slowly she began to fade,

As did the memories,

As the soft music played.


It was from this piano,

With the very same song,

In 1948, that they found

The love that lasted so strong.


Once again, he continued to play,

And remembered from 1948,

The feeling of love at first sight,

But to see her again he would have to wait.


He played this song

Every single day,

To remind him of the love

That kept him so strong...

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