Her Heart

this is an ongoing thing, not sure where im going with it yet, but hope you like it so far :)


1. Her Heart

Vines twirled around the ancient chest like small serpents. The rotted brown wood was rough to the skin as he held it in his hands. Buried deep for years, roots of trees became embedded into the surface. The rusted lock glistened ever so slightly as the bright light of the moon eerily illuminated the landscape causing the  towering trees to cast shadows of darkness onto the forest floor.

It was enclosed inside the box. He could hear it. The harsh beating sound invaded his ears. It seemed to get louder. Suddenly out of the cracks of the box, blood seeped out leaving deep stains of terror as it trickled onto the forest floor. His hair rustled as the northern icy winds whipped through it. Fluffy but spiteful clouds engulfed the light of the moon. Darkness prevailed. The looming trees felt like giants, watching him as he unleashed the horror of the box. Something more than butterflies were pounding in his stomach.

It was there. Drenched in blood. Furiously pounding. Vines entwined into it. Black blood oozed out of it as the roots of trees suffocated it. A painful shriek of horror penetrated the air as he collapsed to the ground, clutching her heart.

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