Keith - First Wave

Keith, a 16 year old Aussie surfer.
(Contains some Australian slang)


2. Fiona

“I'm off.”

“No you're not, young man.”

“Come on ! You do know high tide is forecast for 10:17 today, right ?”

“Tough luck.”

“Tough- what ? What do you want now ? I already sent Julia off !”

Keith was getting seriously cheezed-off now. It was quite comical though. I mean, it's not everyday you get to see a hormonal teenager in a wetsuit getting annoyed with his mom. Well, actually, in my case, this was also, quite typical.

“Her name was Jenn. And I don't want anything, you know I enjoy teasing you.”

Oh boy, she was asking for trouble. And she was having fun too. Fiona has always been the unbelievably sensuous, beautif- oh hang on, I'm going off track now. As I was saying, Fiona has always been quite mischievous.

“You are unbelievable. I'm going to Woolamai today and you know that I can't go there unless Josh drives me there, it's over an hour and a half away and it's already 8.10. I can only assume that you have deduced that I need to leave now if I am to get there in time for high tide !”, barked Keith.

Heh. Barked Keith. That's funny. You know what ? I'll just keep doing that for a while, I don't see why I can't entertain myself as well.

Anyway, back to our little situation. Oh. No situation left apparently. Keith stormed out, leaving Fiona speechless, fixating the spot where, just moments ago, her little boy had blown his lid. Just like his father would have.

Quite unfortunate really, the things love makes you do. Fiona missed Greg. And, although she seemed to enjoy taking the mickey out of Keith, she did not do it solely for entertainment. There was the idiot box for that. No, she did it because Greg was most visible through her baby boy when he got mad.

Fiona was getting closer. I knew that walk oh too well. It looks better from behi- never mind.

Yeah, well, that walk, was the the walk. The one she did when she had to confide in someone who would not blab. She was going to drop another one on me. Damn.


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