Come Along Ponds

A little Doctor Who fanfic oh those of you who know me knew this was coming! Just little short stories Amy and Rory drabble


1. Library

Rory was making his way down the long complicated corridors of the TARDIS looking for his wife, she was in a childish mood and suggested they play hide and seek, he had been looking for her for a while now and he stepped into the library. He looked all around and then was suddenly knocked to the floor as all he saw was a blur of orange.

"You found me!" his wife chirped happily, she was sitting on him and grinning like a chesire cat.

"Yepp I did my turn to hide now" he replied smiling up at his wife.

"No i'm bored of hide and seek now" she shook her head and giggled a little as Rory tickled under her arm, she leant in to kiss him and closed her eyes as she did, fireworks filling her mind just like when they first kissed while doing the macarena. She pulled back and grinned at him, her white teeth were shining brightly like pearls, she was never one to go in libraries much she was more a well Rory didnt know how to describe her. 

"I love you Rory" she whispered in his ear, her hot breath tingling against his ear.

"I love you too Amy" he replied smiling.

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