Fin's girlfriend, May, has just died in a car accident and he cannot stop thinking about her. One morning after thinking he saw May as a ghost, he remembers that its Valentines Day. He buys some flowers to put next to May's gravestone when he meets a girl who's mother has only just recently died. Will they become friends? Will their relationship go far?


2. The Ghost

Seven months had passed since my day on hell happened and I don't think it will ever be deleted from my mind. Since it has happened every happy thought in my head has been murdered; I have lost my appetite; I cant go to bed without crying myself to sleep and I cannot look at a girl without thinking of her. Waking up every morning, I think its all a dream and call out for her thinking she will come in and kiss me. Its only after a minute when she doesnt come that I remember. My mind will not stop convincing me that it was my fault; that I was not there to save her quick enough.

Midnight struck and I woke sweating for Britain. I heard a noise; a shiver sprinted down my spine. "Who's there" I called out into the caliginous, empty room. "This is stupid!" I thought, "It must just be my mind playing tricks on me...well, I hope it is anyway!" I lay motionless. I dont know why but I was hoping for something to happen like a genie popping up and saying, "Greetings! You are my new master, Fin! I grant you three wishes!" But nothing happened and there was no noise apart from my heavy breathing. Strangely, I was still waiting for something to happen and after hours, something moved in the corner of the room. My heart skipped a beat and then sped up. It moved again but this time instead of stoppping, it carried on until it was right in my face. I couldn't see it. I could feel it. I could hear it. Then suddenly I could see it. A white figure that looked sad and broken, or rather, lost hope and been burnt. Two strange feelings entered my heart. It was happiness and love. Both of which I had not felt since the death of May. For the thing that flew gracefully in front of me was a ghost, the ghost of my true love. Then, she disappeared. 

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