Fin's girlfriend, May, has just died in a car accident and he cannot stop thinking about her. One morning after thinking he saw May as a ghost, he remembers that its Valentines Day. He buys some flowers to put next to May's gravestone when he meets a girl who's mother has only just recently died. Will they become friends? Will their relationship go far?


3. The day we met

I didn't sleep that night. When morning came, the usual happened. I called for May hoping she would come in and kiss me and after a minute when she didn't come, I remembered. But this time I not only remembered about the usual but also that it was Valentines Day. Sprinting down to the shop, I bought some flowers and then I sprinted to the Graveyard. Laying down the flowers next to May's Grave, I spotted a girl bent down next to a gravestone with her hands covering her face. I walked over to her and asked, "Are you ok?" she looked up at me and her as soon as she did so the sheer beauty that covered her face made me want to cry. She replied, "AM I OK? WHAT DO YOU THINK THERE IS TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE ITS A BIT OBVIOUS ISN'T IT!?" she yelled in my face. "Oh sorry, I will just g..." "Wait" she whispered in a guilty tone, "Don't go I'm sorry I shouted I'm just so upset, you see my mother died just last week" from that moment I felt sorry for her and I didn't think there was anyway that I could have not said "I'm very sorry" and then I think it was an invtation for me to tell her my story of why I was here. So I did and she said that she was very sorry for me too. "I now have no family and nowhere to live as our house has been burnt down" I had that feeling that I wanted to cry again. "You can stay at my house if you would like too until you get a house of your own" My happiness kicked in again and from then on I felt like my life was complete once again. If I had said "Oh sorry" and walked away then I think I might have commited suicide. The girl looked up at me once more and said, "Really? Oh thank you so much. I wont ever be able to repay you! Oh and by the way, my name is Flora but you an call me Flo" she smiled and then i told her what my name was and we walked home together.

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