Fin's girlfriend, May, has just died in a car accident and he cannot stop thinking about her. One morning after thinking he saw May as a ghost, he remembers that its Valentines Day. He buys some flowers to put next to May's gravestone when he meets a girl who's mother has only just recently died. Will they become friends? Will their relationship go far?


4. And we fell in love

That night was the first night in a while that I'd actually slept. In the morning I woke to find a lovely smell coming in from the kitchen. Getting out of bed and travelling ino the kitchen, there was bacon cooking in the grill, scrambled eggs in a pan and toast in the toaster. Flo was standing mixing the eggs. "What's all this?" I asked. "Oh" she giggled, "well I had to give you some sort of thank you for yesterday!" she blushed. I laughed at her. "What?" she asked me. "You've turned bright red!" she laughed too. Pulling the toast out of the toaster, she buttered it and then portioned everything and put it on a plate. We sat at the layed table together laughing at each others jokes. "Fin?" she asked and I answered yes, "I dont think I have ever said this to anyone but, you are a really good friend!" We both smiled as there was nothing more to say. We sat in an awkward silence and looked at each other, I felt my head moving gradually towards hers. Our lips touched each others and then we both pulled back and blushed. From then on we both new that this was the start of something new. And we fell in love.



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