Fin's girlfriend, May, has just died in a car accident and he cannot stop thinking about her. One morning after thinking he saw May as a ghost, he remembers that its Valentines Day. He buys some flowers to put next to May's gravestone when he meets a girl who's mother has only just recently died. Will they become friends? Will their relationship go far?


1. Prologue

Rushing up to the pile of flames, I tried as hard as I possibly could to pull her out of the burning car. I felt pain tickle my hands as I tore through the flames but I didn't care, as long as she was safe. By the time I had forced her out, there were many shards of glass stuck in my arms and my hands were burnt to the crisp. But may, oh no, May was burnt so dreadfully. Her face was covered in blood; her body was trembling and one of her legs was broken. Although her eyes were open, I was afraid her heart was not. I held her in my arms, her head in my lap. Surprisingly her eyes moved slowly in my direction.  She whispered, only so loudly that I could make out that she said, "I love you" She smiled but then her eyes turned blank and her smile solemn. "NO!" I screamed as tears started streaming down my cheeks in huge lumps. I lifted her head into mine, kissed her and said, "I love you and you will always be in my heart...Goodbye"

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