Love till Death

This is a story about Jason and Hayley, he feel in love with her when he was young. And then she moved away. Now they are going to meet at a reunion, but then there is an incident. What will happen?


2. After

Jason I look around the room, I have a glass of champagne in my hand and I am gripping it. I am so nervous, where is she? Is she even coming? I want to see her. Then I see her, or to be exact I see her brown eyes and we lock eyes. She smiles. Does she recognize me?

Hayley I am searching the room, for anyone, I just want to talk to someone. Then I see a man, he has sea green eyes and he seems familiar. Jason crosses my mind, but this strong man looks nothing like my Jason. Even so, I walk towards him.

Jason She’s walking towards me. What do I do?

Hayley The man looks nervous.

Jason She’s hesitating. I force myself to calm down.

Hayley ‘Hi, my name’s Hayley. And you are?’

Jason ‘Do you not recognise me?’ She doesn’t me, has she already forgotten me?

Hayley ‘Jason?’ Can it really be him? My dear sweet Jason.

Jason ‘Hi.’ I look at her. She is still so beautiful, and amazing. How this goddess consent to talk to me?

Hayley ‘Jason! It’s really you! Oh my gosh, how long has it been?’

Jason ‘Um, quite long.’ It’s been 15 years, 23 days, 4 hours and 20 minutes since I last set eyes on her.

Hayley I stand there amazed, Jason has grown so much! He looks……………

Jason She stood there smiling at me in amazement. But then, she clutched her stomach. I recognize that, I rushed to hold her up. And she smiled weakly, ‘Sorry’ and then she fainted.

Hayley …………….

Jason ‘Hayley! Hayley!’ I quickly take her pulse, it’s steady but a bit fast. I look in her bag, there’s a pill box. The section labelled, ‘Night’ is empty. So she’s already taken medication. I relax slightly.

But then she starts to breath deep and hard breaths, I quickly shout

‘Call an ambulance.’ I hold her, no, I’ve just met her again. She can’t leave again.

The ambulance comes and they take her from me. When they gesture for me to leave, I tell them angrily.

‘I’m a doctor. I know her condition. So let me through!’ I hear whispers and some giggles but I ignore them. Only Hayley matters, it’s always been that way, and it will always be that way.

Hayley I open my eyes, I try to move but something is on me. I look down, and there he is. My adorable Jason.

Jason I feel some movement I immediately open my eyes and wake up. There she is, smiling and awake.

Hayley ‘Hi.’ I cough, my throat is dry and weak. Jason rushes around looking for something, I move my head to the left where I know the water is. He smiles apologetically and lifts the glass to my mouth. There is a straw, I try to grab it with my mouth but it keeps bouncing away.

Jason ‘Sorry, here you go.’ I hold the straw her and she takes sip. She keeps on drinking until the glass is only half full. Then she smiles. Hayley ‘Thank you.’ I look around, I’m in hospital again. I only just got out a few weeks ago and now I’m back in here.

Jason ‘Don’t worry about it. So…’

Hayley ‘You have to go.’

Jason ‘What?’ What is she talking about? Why does she want me to go?

Hayley ‘You have to leave. You can’t stay. I’ll be fine, so go.’

Jason ‘What do you mean? You’ve just come back to me, I am not letting you go.’

Hayley I hear him again, whispering into my ear, after my attack, ‘I swear I will love you forever.’ But he mustn’t, I never told him. But…

Jason ‘Don’t just stay silent! What do you mean?’ I feel all these emotions welling up inside of my, I can’t. I just can’t have her tell me to go.

Hayley ‘Jason, I’m….I’m….’ I struggle to tell him, I know he’ll be heartbroken, just like I was, when I heard that, ‘I’m going to die very soon, Jason.’

Jason The news shocks me, I didn’t know her disease had progressed so far. I remember when she told me, ‘It’s called an inherited disease. My mummy went away because of it. Okay, Jason?’ ‘I’m going to be a doctor. To help you!’ ‘Thank you, Jason.’ I sit down, my head drops into my hands, and I ask quietly, ‘When?’

Hayley ‘I just got out of hospital a few weeks ago. They say I only have a few months, at most a year.’

Jason I feel this despair settle in my heart. But then I bring up that burning desperation, that love for her. ‘Then marry me. Let me love you until then. I will love you till death and after. I promise.’

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