My Name Is –

This was originally for the Valentine's Day competition. The information said to write about love, so I did. My character is 'Love', who stopped believing in itself long ago.

Edit: Oh my goodyness! Thank you to everyone who read this. I've never gotten anywhere in a competition before.... (:

Another edit: I'm now expanding this storyline, and I'm excited about where it's going to take us!


7. – Knowledge

Love and Hate had gone after Anger. I knew they would, from the moment they left the room.

The other emotions crowd around me, as if I can fix all their problems. I supposed I’d better tell you one thing. All emotions have flaws, or weaknesses. We balance each other out. I may be the one who knows it all, and can come up with plans, but I’m not one to act. I let other people do that for me.

Is it selfish? Yes. Do all the other emotions believe I am selfish? Yes. Do I care? In theory, no. But I know enough to understand being disliked by many people, emotions, whatever, is never a good thing. Sometimes, being me is a burden.

“What’s your plan,” asks Curiosity. “What do you want us to do?”

I’m about to answer, a swirl of possible paths coming to the forefront of my mind, but there is only one solution that makes sense, that I can see. Carrying it out won't be difficult, but it is what would happen after that will change all of our lives. Especially Love and Hate's if what I've seen and deduced is correct.

I open my mouth.

And I faint.


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