The Tales of Klaus Pepperwire

"that boy!" said my grandfather, almost a hint of laughter in his voice "I tell him to do one thing and he does another! Somehow you never fail to surprise me Klaus, I thought that you would be infatuated by Penelope, but I suppose I was wrong. Falling in love with a fairy indeed!'


3. Elise

Chapter two

I looked around my room, no rope, no string. I looked out the window, it was quite far down, but I just had to find my book, before someone or something did. I took a deep breath, I'd have to jump. I opened the window and cautiously sat on the ledge. There were bushes below so surely they'd make a good landing?
I closed my eyes and went for it.

I opened my eyes, my head hurt,
'are you an angel?'
There was a girl with wings standing by my side.
'goodness! Do I look like an angel?! Honestly Warren! Get up! Do you intend to be late to your own brothers wedding?'
'get up now! And take those stupid things off your face!'
She grabbed my glasses,
'I need those! Give them back!'
She took my hand and pulled me up, I now could barely see.
'KLAUS!!' I heard my grandfather
'oh, my grandfather! I have to!'
'a human!' she shrieked, she pulled me behind the wall.
My mouth fell open,
'wha- why... Why is... Why is... Why is my grandfather.... Grandfather... Why... Big... Why is he so big?'
'ssh! Shut up!'
I felt faint, what was happening? My head was spinning and it was all I could do to stop myself from keeling over right there.
'KLAUS!!' he shouted again.
I held a hand over my mouth.
'what have you done?!' I yelled at her 'what have you done to me?!'
I felt dizzy, there were two of her, or maybe three? No! There were four! I fell over.
'Warren! Get up! He'll see you!'
I was suddenly in a large patch of shadow, I cautiously looked up. My grandfather was standing there, looking at me.
'K... Kl...' he pointed a shaking finger at me.
We screamed simultaneously. He ran in one direction and I in the other. I didn't look behind as I sprinted, just screamed and carried on running.
'Warren!' the girl was flying overhead her wings beating furiously behind her back.
'how are you doing that?!' I shrieked
Looking at her turned out to be a mistake as I sprinted at top speed into a tree.

When consciousness returned to me I was surrounded by a crowd of people.
'he's back! Warrens back!' someone yelled
'then... Who is this?' someone else said.
They all turned to look at me.
'where am I?'
A small old lady poked me with a stick.
'speaky Eeenglish?'
'what? Yes!'
'boy speaks English!' she declared
A tall boy wearing braces stormed over.
'what is the meaning of this?!' he cried
The fairy I had seen before followed behind him,
'I thought he was Warren!' she said 'I didn't mean to! I didn't know I'd cast a spell on him!'
Her face was worried, she looked as if she might cry.
'don't just think next time! If we were all this careless the humans would have found us by now!'
'humans?' I said 'but... But I am a human! Who are you?!'
The boy glared at me 'we' he said defiantly 'are the fairies'
I laughed 'fairies? You're joking! Aren't you? Was this my grandfathers idea?' I stood up and clapped 'well done Grandfather! You win! Let's go home!'
The "fairies" looked at each other.
'this isn't a joke' said the girl
'but... This can't be real! You don't exist!'
Another boy came into the room, he looked remarkably like me.
'Warren!' said the boy in braces 'where on earth have you been! It's all your fault that this trouble has been caused!'
'what trouble? I just went to find some pepper flower...' he shoved his hands into his pockets.
'pepper flower?! Is that really important?! Honestly Warren you really are-'
'you!' he pointed at me 'you killed Florence Elizabeth Barcelona the fourth!'
He lunged at me.
'you monster!'
'get off of me!' I said
He scratched at my face without much effect.
'that's quite enough of that!' said the boy with the braces, he pulled Warren off me.
Another fairy came rushing in, this time a girl.
'Iam!' she cried 'I've been looking for you!'
The boy in braces turned around,
'go home Astra! This is no place for children!'
'I'm not a child Iam!' she pointed at the other girl 'Elise is only one year older than me!'
Iam dropped Warren and walked over to her. He bent down so that he was eye level with her.
'Go home.' he said
She glared at him.
'fine!' she said, she lifted both her hands in surrender 'fine!'.
My eyes opened wide as water shot out of them into Iam's face.
She began to run.
'come back here you little!' he ran after her.
Elise rolled her eyes,
'I suppose you'd like an explanation'
I coughed 'yes! That might be quite nice!'
I noticed the little crowd of fairies that had formed were staring at us. Elise bowed,
'if you would excuse us'
They suddenly jumped back to life and ran out of the room chattering about what they had seen. Elise turn back to me,
'my name is Elise, and this...' she frowned 'is Warren'
I nodded
'aren't you going to tell us your name?'
'my name... Oh! Of course, I am Klaus, Klaus Pepperwire'
She looked at the floor,
'I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I made you small'
'well, I suppose it's something new to try' I smiled
Warren gave me a feral look 'I told you he was insane' he said
'Warren! I think you've made quite enough trouble today! Why don't you go and find Iam?'
He muttered something under his breath.
He walked out of the room sulking like a child even though he looked older than myself.
Elise sighed 'we had better go and find Astra before Iam does something drastic'
'yes, I can't leave you here by yourself, the serving maids would devour you'
'they'd eat me?!'
'no, not actually eat you! They would ask you questions until you felt you were going insane'
'oh... Alright'
I followed her out of the room. I could hear shouting in the distance.
'come back! You can't just do things like that! Astra! Astra are you listening to me?!'
Elise walked faster until she began to run, I followed her.
'Elise? When can I go home?'
'shh! Wait there!' she peered round a corner, I looked over her head.
'Astra, apologise!'
'Iam! Stop that!' Elise walked up to him 'don't you have things to be doing?'
Iam spun round,
'yes actually! I have to go and dry my face! I cannot walk around with it dripping like this!'
Astra smirked, Iam turned to glare at here,
'oh! And I suppose it's terribly funny is it?! I suppose it's hilarious that I cannot do any of the things I had planned today because I have to spend time walking all the way to my room at the farthest stretches of the tree to dry my face!'
'Iam! Calm down! Tis just a little water!' Elise cried 'I'm sure she meant no harm!'
'no harm? How can I work now?!'
'Iam, don't be such a drama queen! I didn't mean to ruin your work! I'll help you if you like! Stop complaining! What will that boy think of us arguing!'
Iam yelled and grabbed his head,
'ow! Ow!'
Astra grabbed his arm,
'he's having a vision' said Elise
He fell to his knees,
'Astra! Astra!'
'Iam?! What is it?!'
Slowly he withdrew his hands from his head,
'Astra you were in the vision, I saw your future!'
'what happened?! Tell me Iam!'
'you turn out to be a fat old witch!'
He laughed, she tried to hit him but he grabbed her hands,
'all right! All right! Now we're even!'
Astra's eyes welled up she ran off,
'Astra! Come back, it was just a joke!'
Elise crossed her arms,
'honestly Iam, why on earth did you do that?'
'I'll go and find her' he muttered
'no! Go and do all those things you were so awfully deprived of doing because your face was a little wet!'
'it was not just a little wet! How am I supposed to go and sit in council dripping?!'
'Iam! For goodness' sake! Grow up! Act like a man! Stop having these petty arguments!'
'oh?! Me? I need to grow up?! What about Astra? She's the one acting like a child!'
'she is a child! You tell her that all the time!'
I stepped in,
'perhaps, Elise should go and find Astra. And... And maybe I could go with Iam, to see his work, my grandfather is always asking me to take an interest in politics'
Elise smiled,
'yes, yes! What a wonderful idea! I shall go and find her now! Iam take Klaus to see your work'
Iam nodded,
'alright, but I do have to go and change'
Elise smiled again,
'wonderful! I shall go then!'
And she ran off.
'I'm afraid my room is quite a while away' said Iam
'no matter, I don't mind walking'
'so' he said 'you live in the big house?'
'yes, I do'
'I've seen you before actually'
'oh, really?'
'yes. But anyway, what do you do for a job?'
'a job? Actually I don't have one, in the human world I'm too young'
'really? You humans are so weird...'
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