That other girl...

People tend to think that if someone's pretty, they have the most perfect lives. From personall experience this is not true, if you knew what was happening behind closed doors, would you really want to be that person?


1. why assume?

Have you ever looked at a girl, and thought " Wow... I want to be her." 

She's pretty, skinny, gorgeous, with flawless skin. 

All the boys are looking at her. 

From What i've heard, her family's loaded. 

She gets everything she wants. 

She's the popular girl at school. 

The girl that every other girl envy's, as soon as she walks through the door. 

But what if this girl wasn't as perfect as you thought? 

What if she was two people? 

One covering up her true identity? 

Just a fake act she'd put on. 

So people wouldn't see the truth. 

The truth that she had no self confidence at all. 

The truth that se was never able to look anyone in the eye. 

The truth, that the only reason she was skinny, was because she was actually anorexic. 

The truth that this girl, who had so many people around her, always felt lonely. 

The truth that her father worked in the black market. 

The truth that the only reason boy's looked at her, was because they knew her as a slag. 

The truth that she had been rapped. 

The truth that she cut herself, constantly. 

The truth that she cried herself to sleep every night. 

If you knew all these things about this girl, Would you still want to be her? 

Next time, you see a girl and think 'Wow I want to be just like her...

Then think to yourself, no one's life is perfect, 

So why should we assume that hers is? 



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