That other girl...

People tend to think that if someone's pretty, they have the most perfect lives. From personall experience this is not true, if you knew what was happening behind closed doors, would you really want to be that person?


4. That Better place

The people, who know what I want, think I’m selfish. Trying to kill yourself? Is that really the answer they say. Do you know how many people you would hurt by doing that? The amounts of people who you would disappoint, who you would ruin. They say that, but what’s the point? If life is so bad, that you can’t enjoy it, then why bother? Why bother trying to get through every painful day. Waiting for it to end, just so that the next one can start, that tiny glimmer of hope you have each morning, thinking maybe it will all be okay toady, jut to go back to sleep thinking exactly the same again. Crying your way through life, depressed and lost. If it’s all for that what is the point? And what if the place you go to afterwards is better? What if there is hope, and happiness, love? You’re proper ably thinking, yeah... but what if there’s no place like that? Well, even if that place dosn’t exists, at least there’s no Dex.

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