That other girl...

People tend to think that if someone's pretty, they have the most perfect lives. From personall experience this is not true, if you knew what was happening behind closed doors, would you really want to be that person?


3. Her Voice

When I was twelve, something happened to me. Something bad.  Something I’ve never told anyone, not mum, not dad, not Toby, not even my best friend Lily. But Dex knows. She’s in my mind. She knows everything. All the bad stuff, that no one else should know. All the secrets, all my secrets. She knows the big secrete, the one that made her, the one which made me give her a name, the one which made her exist. She knows all about him, about the man in the alleyway. She knows what happened, and now that she knows, she won’t go away, she stays their all the time, at the back of my mind, reminding me day by day, that it was all my fault. Dex is the inner me, the real me, the girl who no one really knows. Most days I put up the act, but when I’m at my worst, she seems to break through; she shows the world what I’m really about. I’m walking up the stairs right now, everyone’s staring as usual. “You know they know...” says that sickly voice that always makes me shiver. “Go away” I reply. “Make me... Oh wait you can’t, you’re stuck with me, remember? Oh you poor little girl, but you brought this onto yourself didn’t you?” Ughh...Why won’t she just go away? Leave me alone. Maybe if I think about other things, she might disappear, at least for a bit. “Don’t try it.” Damn... She knows what I’m thinking about. I hate her just want her to go away, to disappear, to let me be the real me, not the shadow she changes me into. Not the girl she changes every night. Not only can I not get rid of Dex, but all of them to. The ones who are always watching, like they know something. Something that they all know, but don’t want to share. Like they can see it in my eyes, they can see right through Skye, and straight into Dex. They always whisper, their little murmurs, gradually getting louder as I get more distant. I hate them. But they’re always their, wherever I go. Always surrounding me, asking the same constant questions, over and over again. I just want to be alone, why can’t they understand? I just want to run away from them all. I want to get away. However there’s only one way, I’ve tried it, tried to make it, but I always get stopped. Stopped by Dex.  

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