JB from JLS



1. We Meet!

Just one ordinary Sunday, cold and up early to go church. But what came next was not expected. This is how it started.


I get up and get ready, walk my way to church, sit down and the 'worship/praise time' begin. But just 10 minutes in, i turn around, out of nowhere and i see JB from JLS (a boy band - runners up from a competition on itv2). He came all calm and sat on my row - but the other side. I thought, how exciting! 


When the 'worship/praise time' finished, I was randomly picked to take the offering from everyone! I thought 'Oh s**t, that mean going to him! So as it came to him, I coudn't stop myself from smiling. I smiled. guess what? HE WINKED AT ME! (with his right eye).


Ok, that was about it - I think. Later that day i decided to ping this girl and she told me something that really got me happy for no reason! The message read this 'He used to come every week when he was younger but now comes ever so often.'


I am a happy girl BUT please note that i don't listen to any mainstream music so i'm not a fan - Just saying. 


Also fame is fame. Can you believe it? JB used to go to my church and now he comes ever so often!


*this is just me recounting a sunday - what a coincidence. 

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