Love: Friend or Enemy ?

About how young people react to love and the affects it has on people. Shown from a teenegers point of veiw (someone who went through the affects).


2. When Love Takes Over

I could not explain the emotions that were rushing thriugh my head. I felt the softness of the salty tears that ran down my face. His voice was weak but still as perfect as ever. However hard I tried to dismiss the thought from my head, I knew he was right. I could not carry om like this, crying to myself like a lost puppy. I locked myself in my bedroom and would only go out to attend school. Love was like the Twin Towers for me and when I got the phone call off him, it was 9/11 had just come along and it went crashing down.

Throughout all of this I learnt one very important fact. Love an be people's worst enemy or their best friend or even both. It effects people differently, some for the wrong reasons and some for the better.

I got so attached to him that after a while I descided to search for him. I tracked the phone only to find out the number did not exist anymore. This was personal now. Someone out there did not want me to find him. That destroyed me.

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