Love: Friend or Enemy ?

About how young people react to love and the affects it has on people. Shown from a teenegers point of veiw (someone who went through the affects).


3. The Mystery; Unlocked

Then the saddest day of my life approached me. I learnt something that no person with a beating heart would want to hear. Yes, I did find him. He was perfectly fine. He was living in Manchester(only thirty-one point four miles away) with a GIRLFRIEND !!!!!!!!! Aaarrrgghhh! He has a girlfriend that cheating scum. The worse is to come. I met him in a small cafe on the corner of some street. For me it was perfect, cute little tables and chairs with tea. However, he then walks in and tells me everything( which was best that he was being honest). He told me that i had been over protective and clingy towards him. This broke my heart into ten million little pieces. It was as if he was the lion and had been told to rip my heart out.

After this entire heart ache, he just go up and left, leaving me sit there and think. I thought so hard that my head started to hurt. I went home and sat there all week and then i made the buggest decision of my life.

Now I'm still sat here thinking. Yet now I'm watching over the lovely couple grow up and build a beautiful famil with a young girl, Amy. I don't regret my decision because I know I would not have been able to wath them from down there without having a break down.

So that was the story of my life and how love can effect you for the better of for worse. Watch out for love; it's a curse for many.

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