Prince Charming

A poem from Dorian Gray's point of view on his romance with Sibyl Vane. It tells of his initial infatuation up until her death.

In the poem it is as if he views the whole affair as a play or a piece of art.


1. Prince Charming

You are the fair Ophelia,

Drowned in a bed of water lilies.

In this horrid place I am

Transported by you to those

Wondrous lands of legend.


Night after night I gaze upon you;

You shine more brilliantly

Than even the brightest star.

My love, you are a dream to me,

I adore everything you are.


My dear Juliet,

I will make Romeo jealous of our pure and

Sweet passion. Offstage you are

As radiant and joyful to behold

Than the finest of fashion.


But you disappoint me.

Suddenly an empty vessel.

No longer are you Ophelia

Or Cordelia or even the once

Innocent Juliet. You are nothing.


The stage was where you shone,

Where you lived and died.

You were exquisite art,

A beauty to witness and

Now you grow dull, lifeless.


Your begging is unbecoming

Of the maidens you pretend to be

I now see the error

Of misplaced affection, my love;

No... not ‘my love’. You are nothing to me.


Those maidens were more real

Than you. To follow in the footsteps

Of the fair Ophelia is commendable.

You regain your radiance,

You are once again a work of art.

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