It is keeping me awake every single night... The flowers that surrounded her, the old lullaby and her little whistle
But I have to continue. It is one of the promises I gave to her. Of course none of these were spoken aloud. But it was a promise after all.
To the vestige of Rue


1. Rue, I will always remember you

''Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings

them true

  Here is the place where i love you''


In every means you were the one to awake me. You were the one to remember me of my home and my family. Every tear are dedicated to you. They know I were the one to cover you in flowers. Those wild but yet beauty flowers.

The tears are falling again. I will be strong. I will make it through. No matter how much challenges there will be on my way.

No matter how much it is going to hurt me.



We will meet again and every time I look at Prim I will be reminded of you






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