The Love Game

“I’m going to tell you a true love story because it’s wrong to fill little girl’s heads with fairytales. No one filled my head with them or told me anything about love and happy ever afters and still it ruined me. You have to be real careful Norah, never trust anyone okay? Maybe Cinderella existed a hundred years ago, but she couldn’t have today because this world’s gotten too ugly for real love and kindness. You may think that you’ve fallen in love but then sooner or later everything you know will be turned upside down and before you know it you’re alone. That’s why I’m going to tell you a real true life, love story. Because trust me baby, it doesn’t get any better than this.” By now I’m so into it and the memories are slamming back into my mind so fast I don’t even stop to see if she’s awake I just carry on. “Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She lived in a big house and had all the things money could buy, and yet she still felt empty. She would escape her castle at any chance she got and ran around the wrong side of town doing all the things her mother and father would hate. She was well known because she was so reckless and uncaring that she always succeeded in her crimes. This all changed though of course when she met her prince. Her name was... Kaylee.”


3. Too Far Gone



Happiness. It was such an odd feeling, happiness. It was something I’d never felt before, so strange I didn’t know what to do with it. I decided it had to end soon, so I might as well hold onto it as long as possible Even if that meant holding Chase captive in his own house. Two weeks we spent in his house. We never went outside, just sat and talked, and ate all the food out of his kitchen, even watched TV together. I told myself I would get bored, but the feeling I felt when he put his arms around me never disappeared. If anything it only made me want him more, made me hate how I was using him even more. Chase had popped out to the supermarket, when Kat called, and in that instant I realized I was living life inside a dream. It was time for me to wake up.


“There you are,” Chase teases grabbing me from behind. “I got your favourite!”


“You don’t know what my favourite is,” I challenge back.


“Are you sure?” he says taking a huge tub of Ben Jerry’s out of the shopping bags. “You know I think we should do something about that.”


“About what?” I ask already with a spoon in hand.


“The fact that I don’t what your favourite is,” he muses taking the spoon from me to feed me himself. “My dad’s coming back today. I think you should meet him.” The crooked smile is soon wiped from Chase’s face when he sees my reaction.


“No!” I squeak somewhere between a scream and a shout as the ice cream in my mouth wrongly enters my wind pipe. “I mean no. That’s not such a good idea. When your dad sees me he will kill you. You know what your dads like, plus you need to spend some time with him alone, tell him how you feel about what he does to you,” I babble, taking Chase by the shoulders. Even as I speak I can’t help looking at the multiple scars on his arms, the yellowing bruises that were still there on his face and body. I knew I was only saving my ass but some part of me stupidly did care about Chase. I would be doing him and me a favor if I was only to disappear.


“Erm, it’s kinda a bit late Kay. He’s going to be here in an hour,” Chase says slowly, suddenly not able to look me in the face. I squeal again and then make a mad dash for the door. It takes me five seconds to realize I was still in Chase’s boxers and shirt. And then I’m running again, up to his room, searching desperately for my clothes. What was I thinking?


“Don’t go,” Chase whispers in my ear coming up behind me again. I feel like crying but instead I feel myself cringing, my back against his chest, my eyes rolling. Why does he have to make this so difficult?


“Chase,” I begin, “Look, there’s a more important reason why I have to leave then meeting you father.”


“Yea,” he replies, but I can tell he’s not listening. But before I can protest, he’s pulling me closer, locking me in a kiss. Alarm bells are clanging in my head, but I don’t care anymore. His kiss is so urgent and gentle, his lips so soft. And then I’m smiling when he pulls away, my heart rocketing in my ribs. His icy blue eyes are watching me, wary of my reaction, wondering if he’s pushed me too far. But he hasn’t, I feel exhilarated, the happiest ever in my life. What could possible be so wrong about this? The last two weeks have been the best of my life, would a couple more minutes of it hurt?


This time I don’t even think but wrap my arms around him and return his kiss just as devotedly as he did. Unprepared he topples backwards onto his bed bringing me down with him. I sigh lightly and rest my head on his chest. I can feel his blue eyes on me, always watching. So we lay there, in a satisfying awesome silence, for how long? I don’t know. I forget about the world outside, forget how he’s supposed to be my little decoy, forget about everything. I stop listening to the ticking of my watch that counts down to the seconds of his dad’s and Kat’s arrival, but settle for the steady rhythmic pounding of our hearts beating steadily in time together. A sound I never want to forget.


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