The Love Game

“I’m going to tell you a true love story because it’s wrong to fill little girl’s heads with fairytales. No one filled my head with them or told me anything about love and happy ever afters and still it ruined me. You have to be real careful Norah, never trust anyone okay? Maybe Cinderella existed a hundred years ago, but she couldn’t have today because this world’s gotten too ugly for real love and kindness. You may think that you’ve fallen in love but then sooner or later everything you know will be turned upside down and before you know it you’re alone. That’s why I’m going to tell you a real true life, love story. Because trust me baby, it doesn’t get any better than this.” By now I’m so into it and the memories are slamming back into my mind so fast I don’t even stop to see if she’s awake I just carry on. “Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. She lived in a big house and had all the things money could buy, and yet she still felt empty. She would escape her castle at any chance she got and ran around the wrong side of town doing all the things her mother and father would hate. She was well known because she was so reckless and uncaring that she always succeeded in her crimes. This all changed though of course when she met her prince. Her name was... Kaylee.”


2. The Fall



Lies, love, hurt, death and then pain. Most people think love is a one sided emotion. An emotion that’s full of ecstasy and endless happiness. People rarely mention the darker side; the disappointment and constant anxiety. It’ll turn you into a schizophrenic, or bi polar and have you up and down on some joyless rollercoaster ride. It’ll turn you bitter. Always remember that while love may bring you happiness, it will surely make you weak and vulnerable.


Kaylee didn't really see Chase's face that night, or even start a conversation for that matter. Names came later. Too her, he was just another face in the crowd. It was almost too easy to get to him; she didn't even have to reply when he demanded they leave the club. Instead she just let herself be dragged through the noise. She was grabbing her coat when she felt a hand pulling at her wrist.


“Kat,” Kaylee hissed between her teeth.


“Chill, Kay. I know where you're going,” she whispered.


“So then you'll let me go,” Kay warned trying to shake her off and staring dead into her glittered covered eyes. Kat's eyes have always been her strong point. She was half Indonesian and half English and she had these shocking large almond shaped eyes that had an eerie way of staring dead at you, as if she could read your very mind from just looking.


“Course, I'll just tell the guys we will meet you and your new ‘friend' soon okay?” Kat said already distracted and fluttering her eyes at some guy behind Kaylee.


“No, Kat! I’m doing this one myself,” Kaylee cried indignantly only to feel another hand on her waist. He was back, drilling her with his ice cold blue stare. It was pathetic. Kat had already disappeared back into the club, so all there was left for her to do, was take back his hand back and follow him out.


His house wasn’t far aware, somewhere uptown a little away from the city, but the silent awkward walk felt like forever to Kaylee and she fidgeted compulsively. Eventually he spoke as they stepped up to his door.


“I'm Chase by the way,” he smiled taking her hand but his eyes still searching hers.


She shook out her hair and stared back, “Kaylee.” The instance she finally did take a good look at my victim, it felt like the air around us changed. I'd taken in the designer clothes, the black eye, the ice cold stare, but not the crooked smile or the tanned skin and thick eyelashes. Suddenly I found myself stuck to the pavement, my heart hiccupping ten times its normal pace, and my memory asking myself, had I seen this guy before? It took me another couple minutes before I realized he was talking to me.

“So should we go in?” he asked smiling crookedly again at me.


Feeling stupid, I ducked my head to hide behind my head of hair and stalked inside. The house was massive, white walls and heavily polished metal everywhere. I had really hit the jack pot and now all there was left to do was keep my defense up and keep playing Chase for the fool he was.


“Should we get something to drink?” I suggested, but instantly biting back the words from my mouth as soon as they were out.


What was I doing? Stalling? Chase's room was surprisingly empty. The same white walls as the rest of the house, a double bed in the corner and a desk and laptop opposite, it could have been an office if it wasn't for the bed. I stopped toying with his curtains and turned around to face him, ready with an excuse. This obviously wasn't working and it wasn't too late there was still time for me to head back to the club and start all over again. But thankfully once I turned around, Chase was already standing there, only inches away, staring at me again with those cold blue eyes and crooked smile. I could only watch as he cupped my face, but his arm around me and pulled me closer. When our lips met everything inside me exploded, inwards and outwards. My hands reaching for his hair, his arm still around me holding me only tighter and tighter.


Some part of is still worrying what I'm doing, what I'm getting into. But the truth is, I'm too damn busy enjoying myself to care. Chase was just supposed to be the disturbed, vulnerable guy controlled by his abusive father, and I was there only for myself, for the money. But in a few seconds that had all changed.

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