A slightly creepy, ever so traumatising circus comes to town... with a sinister plan


1. The circus

The donkey exploded in a sickening fountain of entrails and blood.

Its legs collapsed to the floor, rigid and flecked with crimson. Its head had imploded, now lying on the sand, large gaping holes existing where eyeballs once frequented. The Klown laughed. A sickening, hellish laugh like a child had been slapped across their face by a puppy and was now nervously chuckling as it worked out whether it should be angry at the puppy or not. Or something like that.

Inside the Kage it was dark, as the moon dipped behind a pack of wispy clouds. The Klown sat on his chair, twirling a knife in his hand, watching as the blade moved gracefully between his gloved fingers. The donkey had been the most successful test so far. The serum had worked perfectly. Soon, it would be time to use it for real.

Three sharp knocks reverberated from outside. The Klown lazily threw the weapon towards the wall (where an effigy of Justin Bieber stood, several other knives embedded in his pre-pubescent groin) and sauntered across the room. His large  boots honked as he stepped. He clicked open the door.

Standing at around five inches tall 'stood' Mouseboy. His face was twisted with fear, his tail quivering as craned his neck to see the Klown. Silvery-grey fur sprouted out of a plump body, shimmering in the pale moonlight.

'Um, Mr Klown,' he feebly muttered. 'Master Ring would like to see you.'

The Klown bent down, so his painted face was level with the tiny organism which stood before him. He smiled, revealing a row of mishapen teeth.

'Tell Master Ring that all is well with our... project, and that i shall see him soon.' His face bore deep wrinkles, and a raspy tone consumed his voice.

Mouseboy nodded and scampered off, his tail swinging like... a swing. The Klown pulled a knife from out of Justin Bieber's groin and threw it up in the air, catching it blade-first. He was ready. Tomorrow, the world would be stunned. And the Circus would live on. Forever.



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