Dear 'To The One I Love.'


1. Dear 'To The One I Love.'

Dearest lover, Dearest friend, Dearest of all I hold dear, Nothing is more dear to me, Nothing I want near to me, Day or night, in or out, All I want is you, The one who keeps me grounded, The one that keeps me true, After all what would a life be, when I lie having cheated you, Then I lie, bereft of you, This I cannot imagine.

Dear of all, except my mother, Maybe my sister and possibly my brother, A life worth living is a life with you, This Valentines day I shall prove that true!

Dear Harry, having read this, you, Please realise this is not so true, Not for you,

Hello Emmett, Good day to you, You read this too? Nay this neither not for you!

I could go on, Brad, Jack and Andre, once beau, Ha! Ha! Ha! No, not addressed to you,

To my dearest of dears, This poem I address to you, There is nothing more I would love, Than to build a home for you!

Oh no, Tom, for you this may prove true, But no, to my dearest this I address this to, I will build you a house and showcase you, With all of your friends,

To my dearest of all that I call, The one that I cannot give up in pursuit of another, It can only be, Everyone, one, two, three! My favourite book.  

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