About a boy who never speaks out for himself or gets angry at anyone, but when he does finally speak out against the one person who he cares about the most, he pays the price for it


3. The One

Sadly, I went wrong here

This is what I regret the most

I took out all of my anger inside

Out on the one I loved the most

She was my perfect match

My other half if you will

But for the first time I stood up for myself

It was as if time stood still

I couldn't hold it in any longer

I let it all out onto my love

And now i regret it

I wish I had rised above

Why did this happen?

Why didn't I say no at the start?

If only I had

Me and my love would not be apart

I had lost what i treasured the most

All because I cared too much about being nice

I let my emotions get the better of me

And I know she will not go out with me twice

I never learned to say the word no

I suffered quitely to myself

And I will continue to suffer quitely

Until the end of my health



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