Perfect Moment

Another assignment for university, where we had to write a short story on an observation through a window, but the view of the observer is restricted. I decided to write the story on romance from the perspective of a twelve year old girl.


1. Perfect Moment

     The moment was perfect. She was in her element, watching the drama unfold through the small window, high above the chaotic cosmopolitan where she was the only person standing still. Busy people tutted at this little girl who just stood there on the pavement opposite, craning her neck back to see the special moment that was unfolding before her.

     Katie was only twelve years old. Her life was one of fantasy, reading fairy tales and stories of romance. Never had she seen a moment of “fantasy” in the city, where no one seemed to be living their lives in chivalry. Katie saw no gentlemen stopping to bow at the beautiful women- they all just rushed past them and paid no attention. No men offered to help ladies cross the frantic road and even if on the rarest of occasions a noble man decided to take his time to assist a lady, they both parted their own ways, often without a word of gratitude.  

     It was late evening in the rush hour city. Katie was on her way to meet her mum outside her workplace when she spotted the window. Above a hectic restaurant were many flats and the one window that grabbed Katie’s keen attention looked like a play using black silhouettes.  All she could see was a bright yellow light and two dark figures, both sitting and looking at each other.

     The scene was beautiful in Katie’s inquisitive eyes. On the left hand side of the black framed window was a gentleman. He was wearing a high collared shirt and a bow tie; his hair was in a neat quiff style. Opposite him was a lady, a very pretty lady Katie thought. The outline of her face was so smooth- her nose only pointed out slightly and her lips were delicate curves. Her hair was tied up with ringlets that gracefully fell beside her elegant neck.

     The silhouettes were talking to each other, often laughing and clinking together their glasses of wine. Each time the lady took small sips of her drink, the gentleman gazed at her with his head resting on his hand. He sometimes said things to her which caused her to place her hand close to her chest and fiddle with a necklace that she was wearing.

     Katie wished that she could hear what was being said by the gentleman. She continued to focus on the window, trying to block out the sounds of cars beeping and people walking quickly by. She covered her ears and imagined what was being said through the square glass. You are beautiful. You are elegant and your radiance overwhelms me.

     Katie then saw the drama unfold when she could just see the head of the gentleman and the woman, who was now standing up. She had a slender figure with wondrous curves; Katie wished that she was as beautiful as this woman. A smile spread across Katie’s face when she could just see a ring appear from the gentleman’s hand.

     All of a sudden the scene became dramatic, full of passion. The woman’s movements were full of excitement as she agreed to the offer made by the man. He placed the ring on her left hand and stood up, smiling at her. The two shadows then embraced each other and their faces merged together. Both of their hands moved up and down each other’s figures and then they descended below the window.

     The moment was perfect. Katie had read this moment so many times in endless amounts of books, but seeing it happen was more magical than she had thought. She was happy for the beautiful couple who she could no longer see, but she secretly wished that she was the one up there. Ever since she had started reading, Katie always wanted to meet that special gentleman. She had told her mum this on many occasions, but she always replied, “Don’t you worry Katie. You will find someone special in time.”

     “Katie! Ah, there you are Katie!”

     Katie’s neck had become stiff from looking up for so long, but she managed to crane her downwards and saw her mum calling for her across the road. There was so much traffic dividing Katie from her mum and the window high above her. Katie was just about to attempt to cross the road, when she heard someone walk up to her. A boy about her age smiled and offered his hand to her.

     “Do you want me to help you cross the road, pretty girl?” asked the young gentleman.

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